Celebrities Who Simply Love CBD Oil

CBD has been on everyone’s mind for quite some time, and the discussion surrounding it does not seem to die down at all. If you are not up to date, then the latest scoop is as follows:

  • Numerous parents treat their heavily-ill children with CBD successfully;
  • FDA is actively trying to suppress it and warn people not to treat it as a cure-all;
  • As an element, CBD is the continuous subject of many pieces of research;
  • Politicians are debating whether allowing CBD is fine;
  • News outlets are constantly churning out articles regarding CBD developments;
  • Bloggers are constantly sharing their points of view in opinion pieces.

So, things are messy, to say the least. In light of such debacles, it may be not that easy to figure out what to believe and what to disregard. To form an opinion on such disputed matters is always hard, you just have to review all of the available information and trust your judgment.

This is exactly what a lot of celebrities do. Many famous names, including people like Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mike Tyson among others chose to use the cannabinoid in question regularly.

The most essential is the fact that they are not using these oils as a premium product just because it is ‘trendy’. In most instances, they use the cannabinoid to relieve their physical discomfort, mental suffering, or nervousness, thus they recommend trying CBD oil usually without any monetary gain for themselves. Check out this expert review from GiftWits for more details.

Nonetheless, before we get down to the celebrities that are not ashamed to admit their use of CBD but actively support the cannabinoid element, we need to address a small but persisting misconception. The misconception is related to how the oil is created and whether it can be replaced by other extracts.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

There are two popular additives that are derived from the cannabis sativa plant: Hemp oil and CBD oil. Although being derived from the same plant, they are definitely not the same substance and don’t have an equal effect.

Many people who are new to this mistakenly think that both additives can be used interchangeably, which is not the case at all. Let us go and examine the composition and role of each supplement.

  What’s CBD Oil?

As Daily CBD Mag reports, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is drawn out from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant called cannabis sativa. In this extract, there is almost no psychoactive and euphoria-inducing element, THC. Instead, CBD oil is full of cannabinoids that work with and influence the natural cannabinoids present in our bodies.

Cannabinoid receptors are found all over our bodies and brains. CBD interacts with the receptors, stimulating us to utilize the cannabinoids our bodies produce more intensely and efficiently. Additionally, CBD actively tackles the inescapable inflammation and oxidation processes, meaning it soothes and protects cells from degradation. This results in pain- and stress-relieving aspects of CBD.

 What’s Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, in contrast to the previously mentioned one, is full of either THC or CBD. It encompasses within itself only a very small concentration of cannabinoids. Hemp oil is drawn only from the seeds of the cannabis sativa, so it is also sometimes referred to as hemp seed oil. According to CBD Kyro, the seed contains healthy fats that are conserved within the oil.

The fats, however, do not possess the same big effect that the cannabidiol element has. Yes, the fats are healthy, which is why hemp oil is often used as an additive to a number of beauty products. It succeeds at hydrating skin, making it tighter, removing wrinkles and acne. Also, this type of oil strengthens hair, skin, and nails, as it contains vitamin E as well.

The Most Famous Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Now that you are more acquainted with the differences between the two, let us examine what celebrities employ cannabidiol oil as a treatment. Additionally, we’ll discuss their reasoning for the use of the additive.

Olivia Wilde

It seems that the role of ‘Thirteen’ in the famous TV-show ‘Dr. House’ has heavily influenced Olivia Wilde, as in the TV-show, her character was not afraid to indulge in some cannabis usage. However, Olivia Wilde in real-life prefers CBD, instead of THC. She applies the cannabinoid oil to her feet to aid her with the immense pain she experiences from wearing high heels constantly.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. With his influence, he decided to create a non-profit foundation that explored the numerous ways of battling this horrible affliction with some methods including the systematic and supervised intake of cannabis, marijuana, and CBD. Michal J. Fox is also known for employing cannabis to tackle the resulting manifestations of the chronic disease for decades.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, a former boxing champion, is also entering the cannabinoids field. He has recently said that he aims to establish a cannabinoid farm, “Cannabis Resort” for people who smoke and grow the hemp.

Additionally, he currently holds the rights to a marijuana ranch and a cannabinoid brand. Mike Tyson swears by the health improvements that using cannabinoid oils and intaking marijuana bring. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has expressed numerous times how greatly she adores cannabinoid oil. She even celebrated her 4th child’s baby shower with a cannabinoid product theme. CBD’s restlessness-relieving effects have significantly improved her day-to-day living.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is an incredibly well-known American comedian, TV hostess, actress, author, etc. She is a strong advocate for cannabinoid usage. The celebrity is so sure of CBD’s effects that she has even started her own cannabinoid brands, so as to spread cannabinoids to wider masses.

After All the CBD Talk

Utilizing CBD oil is a highly disputed topic. Although cannabinoid utilization is being opposed by some politicians, many people that actually employ such oils have reported that it is invaluable to them.

They say that this oil assists significantly in removing the feelings of physical suffering, discomfort, irritation, and that of strong angst, dread, and misery. The celebrities go out of their way to promote cannabinoid oil as a treatment due to the fact that it had a great impact on their lives.

Written by Monella