Christmas Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover!

This month on CelebMix we are helping you out by giving you gift ideas for your love ones that are in many many fandoms. Today will be focused on the all exciting Star War fans!

Star Wars is obviously a ground-breaking film from the first moment to the last. It did something that no other film had ever done, which was having the camera panned upward. To those lovers of Star Wars out, here’s our gift guide!



Gift 1

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 1

What: Star Wars Bedding

Where: J.Crew

How much: $108

Why: The better question is, why not? Even though you may not love Darth Vader, you love Darth Vader. He was a good Jedi, in all honesty…he just went to the dark side. Little Anakin will always hold a place in our heart. If your love one ever wonders what it’s like to be a part of Star Wars, they can now!


Gift 2

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 8

What: Funko C-3PO POP

Where: Amazon

How much: $10.99 (Original Price) $8.95 (On Sale Now!)

Why:  For starters, this gift is very affordable for those on a budget, the price is all covered! C3PO was and still is a beautiful and amazing robot. He holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Who doesn’t love Hollywood’s most beloved robots? We know we love him! This may be the droid you’re looking for.


Gift 3

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 2

What: Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

Where: Hot Topic

How much: $19.50 (Original Price) $13.65 (On Sale Now!)

Why: This Imperial timepiece may not stop a Jedi in his tracks, but it will let you know the exact time you need to leave to get in line to catch your screening of The Force Awakens.


Gift 4

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 3

What: Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

Where: Think Geek

How much: $29.99

Why: For those food and Star Wars lover out there, we got the perfect gift for you! Not only can this be used on a daily basis, but it will definitely be the life of a party during your Christmas celebration. So… why aren’t you buying this?


Gift 5

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 4

What: Star Wars 3D Wall Nightlight- Yoda

Where: Walmart (depends on what country too, so check 3D Deco Lights on location)

How much: $44.88

Why: Need something to spice up your home, this is definitely the way to go. We can’t see ways you can go wrong with this gift. Plus, no one has to worry about all the cords dangling from the wall because this wall light is batter powered. Totally save and awesome, we highly recommend!


Gift 6

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 5

What: Star Wars Chewbacca Robe

Where: Think Geek

How much: $79.99

Why: Everyone loves Chewbecca, there’s no denial for the love we have for that furry pal. This is just the extra push to channel our inner Wookiee!


Gift 7

Gift Guide to Star Wars Lover! 6

What: Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Where: This Is Why I’m Broke

How much: $49.99

Why: Lastly, we cannot leave this gift guide without adding something festive to it. What’s better than Christmas and Star Wars? Both combined! For those Christmas and Star Wars lovers out there, we’ve got you covered. Celebrate the holidays better than ever now!


Hope you enjoy our amazing gift guide we have for you today! Tune in for many more this week. Let us know what you’re getting your love ones for Christmas in the comments below or tweet us at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix