Cian Ducrot releases new single Anyone But Her

Cian Ducrot has released his latest single Anyone But Her.

 The multi-instrumentalist has a gift for writing songs which bring empowerment from pained emotions. It’s a trait which is quickly connecting. His recent single, F***ed Up All The Time, has already hit a million streams, and he’s now surpassed 500,000 followers on TikTok.

Anyone But Her finds Cian telling the true story of a young woman who moved to New York in an attempt to escape her troubled family life back home but instead spirals downwards into addiction.

The turning point comes when she overdoses at her local bar. Although she’s saved by the bar staff using the opioid recovery medication Narcan, she never fully recovers from the incident.

Cian  was inspired to write the song after a fan shared her story. He wrote, produced and played all of the instruments that feature on the track. Focusing on vocal melodies supported by understated instrumentation allows the narrative to take centre-stage.

“When I heard the story it broke my heart and I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like the song wrote itself so quickly because the story was already there and it was so powerful and emotional. I felt like I had to share it because it was the most real thing I had heard in a long time”

Cian Ducrot on the inspiration for his latest single

 With his pop-focused songwriting exploring revealing issues of love, loss, masculinity and frustration. Cian writes with brutal honesty. His stories then go out into the wider world, helping others to overcome their own challenges.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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