Claire Richards

Claire Richards Releases New Single End Before We Start

Claire Richards’ solo career continues to go from strength to strength and today she returns with her new single, End Before We Start. A very special song to Claire, End Before We Start was the track that kickstarted the entire process of creating her debut solo album, My Wildest Dreams. 

End Before We Startwritten by Steve Anderson (Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears), Emma Rohan (Little Mix) and Bianca Claxton was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The minute Claire heard the song, she knew she had found her sound- “I got quite teary when I first heard this song. I just knew it represented exactly what I wanted my debut solo album to be. It’s classic with real emotion that people can relate to. It’s about an intensely passionate relationship that you know will eventually end in disaster but you get swept up anyway. I’ve definitely been there before.”

End Before We Start which shows off Claire’s strong, passionate vocals is lyrically heartbreaking it’s an emotive tale of two people deeply in love but who know their relationship will never work. it is a song that stays with you long after you finish listening.

Claire has had a busy week, she did an interview with Lorraine on ITV and had an appearance on Build Ldn where she discussed her upcoming album.[0]=68.ARDqzDOfqBeQ_MpMt4bikCoyF3B1yJtPJf-wWsKRP8RZGO_apNbZBXaz6q250n7VhzeerLi3SRpchdTnGJnl6aOSkt6IB70tUMeFgs1_sDyXSJivnYQe8f9achx1bobzrl3lIazeEzZ2fVnXVfQUAl0LuByn43oNOKjCorwmjdLLPbgrl7U6Jw&tn=-R

The more we hear from Claire’s album the more excited we get for its release.  Let us know what you think about End Before We Start over on @CelebMix!




Written by Kelly McFarland

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