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COIN Release New Single, “Cemetery”

Still keeping fans on their toes for an album and tour announcement, COIN has released a new single titled “Cemetery.”

Lyrically darker than previous songs, “Cemetery” focuses on the idea of being wealthy and successful but still, ultimately, dying alone. The song’s hook states:

Never made time for the family
But he is the richest man in the cemetery
Only made time for the company
But he is the richest man in the cemetery
He is the richest man in the cemetery
But he is the richest man in the cemetery

Although the song still follows the upbeat, rhythmic feel that has become the band’s signature sound, the morbidity of the song is still very prominent throughout the song. The bridge, and the entire song but to a lesser degree, is accompanied by an echo and what can be characterized as “ghosts.”

But the message of the song is simple — forget about wealth and success and focus on what matters most: enjoying your time with the people who actually matter.

Chase Lawrence, the band’s lead singer, continues to drive the message home by tweeting this sentiment out to his followers. Tweeting hours before the song’s official release, he also said the song has a personal meaning for him.

COIN were recently interviewed by Flaunt Magazine, which you can read here. There, Lawrence states his reasoning for writing the song.

We had just come off of our first headlining tour. … Soon, I realized I had to identify what mattered most. I was so focused on the future that I lost sight of what was right in front of me.

Seeing as COIN continues to gain attention, recognition, and fans worldwide, it doesn’t seem out of character for the members to find themselves looking for some semblance of normalcy in their hectic lives.

Within the same article, the band teased their forthcoming album and the accompanying tour.

We’re excited to see what COIN brings with their new album — if “Cemetery” and “Simple Romance” are any kind of indication of where the album is headed, we don’t think we’ll be disappointed at all.

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