Mayday Parade
Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

CONCERT REVIEW – Mayday Parade – Boston, MA

Mayday Parade returned to Boston for their Anywhere But Here 10th Anniversary Tour and fans gathered hours in advance for the highly anticipated sold-out show.

The group celebrated 10 years of their sophomore album at Paradise Rock Club on November 13, 2019. With fans of all ages present, Mayday Parade performed the full album along with their greatest hits for a high energy 90-minute set. This was one of five selected cities the band chose to celebrate the project’s anniversary.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Nostalgia was high and so was the enthusiasm in Boston for an especially early start to the weekend on Wednesday night. “Emo” dreams and thoughts came to life and newer fans were in complete awe that they were able to see Mayday Parade perform some of their favorite songs even a decade after the album’s original release. With hands in the air from the start of the set to the end, it was clear that the fan-to-band connection between Mayday Parade and their supporters remains strong and powerful.

The set kicked off with “Kids in Love” and naturally transitioned from track to track without much time for fans to catch their breath in between songs. Some even decided to create mosh pits and crowd surf their way to the barricade with several failed attempts to make it on stage. Security was put to work and attendees made that message known quite early on. Fans were determined to get as close to the group as possible and physically feel every emotion portrayed by the band’s lyrics even if it meant falling to the ground. It seems as though they gave dedication a brand new definition after some of their ignored injuries and endless support.

With heavy bass and constant guitar riffs filling the speakers around the venue, it did not come to much of a surprise that the floor began to shake immediately and the recovery from ears ringing carried on even after the show. The audience felt every note with their body through dancing and rocking back and forth regardless of how tightly packed they were in the crowd. Between on-stage interactions and two platforms on stage that allowed each member of the band to see the audience at an elevated level, the show instantly became an unforgettable experience.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

This reunion was one that fans of Mayday Parade were definitely not going to miss. Adrenaline and energy remained at incredibly high levels throughout the set and there didn’t seem to be a worry in the world for the fans present. A plethora of emotions were experienced during this show and people were loving every second of it. An acoustic version of “I Swear This Time I Mean It” left attendees tearing up and remembering the first time they had heard the song. Whether it was years ago or last week, the message of this track as well as others heavily resonated with the crowd.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Despite everything that has changed over the past decade, Mayday Parade’s sophomore album, Anywhere But Here, still remains to be an impactful masterpiece for countless people. The messages and feelings it advocates and causes remain important and relatable even to this day. And with some of their most dedicated and passionate fans in attendance, Mayday Parade made that known without words.

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