Dalton Rapattoni: The Inspired Attempt Tour in Teaneck, New Jersey

Dalton Rapattoni: The Inspired Attempt Tour in Teaneck, New Jersey

Back at it again since his American Idol days, Dalton Rapattoni stopped at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, New Jersey (October 6th) for an intimate show along with special guests, kids from School of Rock in Wayne, for The Inspired Attempt Tour.

Unlike his last tour, the School of Rock Gives Back Tour, this show featured a ton of new and original songs written by Dalton such as “Clockwork,” “Sugarfree,” “Stay Up With Me,” “Turn To Stone,” and “Hercules,” just to name a few. The tour also featured his new official band consisting of Abigail Miller (bass), Leah Slivovsky (guitar), Malia Livolsi (keys), and Nathan Drake (drums), who rocked each song on the setlist and brought smiles to the crowd.

Before singing “Stay Up With Me,” Dalton explained to the crowd saying, “I write a lot of sad songs and it was pleasantly a challenge to write a happy song. I would argue that a lot of my songs are about being happy. This next song is a conversation I had with my brain at 4 a.m.” And just like the title explains, the song was all about wanting someone to stay up with him. Although he feels that he writes a lot of sad songs, before performing “Somewhere In America,” he shared that it’s one of his happiest songs.

For his next song, which was crossed out on the setlist, Dalton explained how he wrote it with his little sister Sophie. “We are both getting older she and I, one of us faster than the other one. We’re kinda bummed about that as anyone would be. So she and I were staying in my apartment in Austin and we wrote a song about a couch,” he said.

The song featured personal lyrics that only Dalton would understand such as, “We had a couch my mom sold / I didn’t want her to but it was getting old,” and “In the background of my whole life / this new couch doesn’t look quite right not yet.”

One of the coolest moment was when Dalton took the time to sing “Happy Birthday” along with the crowd to his bassist, Abigail. As I’ve mentioned while reviewing his show before, his shows always tend to feel like you’re apart of one big family, and this moment proved that. Another part that stood out to us was when Dalton and his band covered DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean.” Dalton explained how he and his band learned the song, then learned what the song meant.

“If anybody above the age of 18 wants to find out what this song actually means please come see me after the show and I will gladly explain it to you. It’s disgusting,” he said jokingly.

After singing “Cake By The Ocean” Dalton pumped up the energy even more and invited some of the kids from School of Rock in Wayne to come on stage with him to perform Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade.” Abigail and Nathan even let the kids use their equipment, letting them rock out on their bass and drums.

Since the cover song was so unexpected, it was filled with laughs and mishaps while trying to perform and get through the song together. That’s something that’s special at any Dalton show. He just goes with the flow of everything and has a good time. After all, it’s all about having fun on stage with the fans right?

During the last song, “Hercules”, Dalton went into the crowd while still singing and touched fans hands adding, “Thank you for coming” into the song as he did that. Despite fans not knowing all the lyrics to the songs since he’s playing them for the first time on this tour, by the end of the show he had people singing along anyway, learning each lyric on the spot.

Once again, Dalton didn’t fail to put on a great show. And honestly, we are LOVING his original music and cannot wait to hear the full album.

Check out our full gallery from the show below:

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All photos and video taken by Melanie Gomez

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