The Vice Rags Release Music Video for “Jersey Boy”

The Vice Rags Release Music Video for “Jersey Boy”

The Vice Rags are a rock band from Asbury Park, New Jersey that consists of Paul Rosevear, Jack Roberts, Joe Chyb and Gay Elvis. And guess what? They just released a new music video for their track called “Jersey Boy”!

So what does it mean to be a Jersey boy? According to the band, a “Jersey boy carries himself with a certain insouciance; there’s a no-B.S. attitude and gruff swagger to everything he does. He’s not impressed with awards or accomplishments – he’ll judge you by the way you act, not by your reputation or your bankroll.” As a Jersey girl, I think it’s the same for us ladies!

Watching the music video for “Jersey Boy,” the audience first sees the screen in color, but that quickly changes as it turns into a black and white video, and then back to color again towards the end. Why do you think they do that? Well you’re just going to have to watch to figure that out.

With lyrics like, “I know he thinks that I’m a loser / I know you might agree / Don’t you let him talk that way to me baby no / Don’t you let that boy talk down on me,” this song is great, fun, and mood boosting! Dance and sing along to “Jersey Boys” by checking out the video below.

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