Daniel Craig is the highest paid Bond compared to his previous counterparts

Despite Daniel Craig making it increasingly obvious that Spectre is the last time he will be playing the role of James Bond, he is the highest earner of the franchise compared to the previous actors who took the role.

According to The Sun his salary and profits earned from the latest movie is more than the combined total of all the men who previously took on the role.

A source close to MGM studios revealed: ‘Daniel’s deal means he’ll bank £15.66m for acting, around £3.82m for endorsements and £19.58m if the financial projections are on course.

‘Even taking inflation into account he is by far the highest paid Bond actor.’

Pierce Bronson is said to come in second place by earning up to £24.4 million for his four films.

Daniel has been asked whether or not he will return to the big screens as Bond but has made his opinion perfectly clear by telling us that: ‘I would rather slash my wrists.’

Written by CelebMix