A Day In The Life of a Lauren Alaina fan

Lauren Alaina is an American country singer who rose to fame after finishing second on American Idol in 2011. Also in 2011 Lauren released her debut album Wildflower which reached number two on the US Country chart.

Lauren recently released her second album Road Less Travelled. This peaked at number three on the US Country chart. The album shows Lauren’s maturity as both a singer and a songwriter. It features songs with touch on the struggles she has faced personally including her battle with bulimia. The album’s inspiring message shines through and the lead single, ‘Road Less Travelled’, has become Lauren’s first to reach the top ten.

Watch the video for ‘Road Less Travelled’ below:

Lauren has also won an American Country award for ‘New Artist of the year’ in 2012. As well as this, she is nominated for ‘New Female Vocalist of the Year’ at this years ACM awards.

Lauren has a devoted fanbase who have supported her since her appearance on American Idol. We caught up with Shelby who runs @LA__FanClub to find out what it’s like to support her.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself? State your name, age, and roughly where you are from?

Shelby, 23, Southern Kentucky, an hour north of Nashville

2. Can you explain when and how you first became a fan of Lauren?

I first became a fan of Lauren in January 2011 when her American Idol audition aired. I instantly knew I loved her voice! She was my favorite from the beginning and I supported her all the way through. We were also close in age, so I felt like we could relate.

3. Why are you a fan of Lauren?

I am a fan of Lauren for many different reasons. First off, she’s extremely talented. Her voice is one of the best in the world. Her lyrics are fantastic and very relatable. She has fun songs, as well as deep lyrical songs that make you feel. I also love how great Lauren is to her fans. She is constantly spending hours after shows meeting every last fan. I’ve met her several times and she knows who I am and makes me feel appreciated every time. I also love what she stands for, how honest she is, and how she encourages her fans to not be scared to be themselves.

4. What made you want to run a fan account about Lauren?

When I created the account, Lauren had been out of the spotlight for a bit. I was seeing many different artists have fan clubs and since Lauren didn’t have one yet I wanted to start an “unofficial” one to spread the word about her and try to keep fans up to date. We also wanted to try to get fans to work together to support Lauren. I had the idea with a couple other fans and @LA__FanClub was born. We told Lauren about it at CMA fest one year and she followed it.

5. Roughly how much time do you spend running your account?

When I first started a few years ago I spent hours a week on it. I even kept an accessible spreadsheet with all Lauren’s tour dates because her website didn’t stay up to date. Since then I’ve graduated college and am a lot busier working a full time job, so I spend probably an hour or so a week on it. I wish I could spend more!!

6. Do you have anyone who runs the account for you if for some reason you are away?

It’s just me! The two girls I started it don’t really get on anymore. Unfortunately that does cause some lulls in tweets since I am so busy!

7. How many followers do you currently have and do they talk to you/ask you things often?

I’m currently at 591. I do get questions pretty often, especially when I’m active on the account or at a show. I actually work in social media so I wish I could transform it into more! Not enough time in the day!

8. Do you prefer to just write updates (keeping it writing/informative based) or post pictures on your account?

I love to do a bit of everything. I like to retweet videos and pictures from shows and search Lauren’s name and see what’s going on. Also, I like to post fun interviews and great performance videos. I also have enjoyed running polls lately.

9. Would you say that you have met any friends online through your account?

I haven’t met any friends through @LA__FanClub but I have an account I keep to talk to other big music fans and have met several great friends through there. I see them a lot at CMA fest and it’s great to connect over our love for music and Lauren!

10. Has Lauren or any members of her team ever noticed your account? If so, how did it feel?

Lauren has retweeted us quite a few times. Her manager also follows us. It’s pretty awesome to know they see what we do!

11. What is your favourite Lauren song?

Hardest question ever! It rotates, but currently “Doin’ Fine” from her new album. I relate to it so much and it’s a go to song for me. Other favorites include “Three” “Queen of Hearts” “Dirt Road Prayer” and “Pretty”.

12. What is your favourite thing about Lauren?

I love Lauren’s message and kindness.

13. If you could say one thing to Lauren then what would it be?

Thank you Lauren for never giving up on your dream and all you sacrifice to share your God-given gift with the world! I can never thank you enough for the memories and friends you’ve brought into my life!

Thank you to Shelby for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow Shelby @LA__FanClub.

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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