A Day In The Life of a Pretty Little Liars fan

‘How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?’ – every Pretty Little Liars fan has been asking themselves this question in the past few months. Rosewood and its residents have been on our screens since 2010 when Alison first went missing. Since then there have been twists and turns a plenty as alongside Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily, we attempted to figure out who the mysterious ‘A’ is.

Now in its seventh season, the show is coming to an end. Loyal fans have been patiently waiting for answers to the questions which have arose over the seasons. With old favourites such as Wren returning, the final episodes are sure to be full of drama.

You can watch the promo for the seventh and final season below:

Pretty Little Liars fans are some of the most dedicated fans out there. They have stuck with the show since day one, and have even come up with their own theories on who ‘A’ is. We caught up with Krystal to find out what it’s like to support the show.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself? State your name, age, and roughly where you are from?

My name is Krystal Salem and I’m 27 years old. I’m from Yonkers, NY.

2. Can you explain when and how you first became a fan of Pretty Little Liars?

I remember watching the commercial for the show and falling in love with the name. Something about those three words, Pretty Little Liars that captivated me. I watched the first episode when it aired on June 8th 2010 and instantly fell in love. The introduction of the characters were very relatable at the time. I wanted to learn more about these characters and their stories.

3. Why are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars?

I’m a fan of Pretty Little Liars because I can find a piece of myself in each character. I also started following the cast and crew on social media and fell in love with them. The cast really inspired me outside the show. Many of them raise money for important events. I think it’s great they spend that time helping out and bringing awareness.

4. What made you want to run a fan account about Pretty Little Liars?

I wanted to connect with other people around the world that shared the same love for Pretty Little Liars. I also wanted to talk to people who were just as invested in Pretty Little Liars as I am so we could share thoughts and theories.

5. Roughly how much time to you spend running your account?

When I ran my old account (krystallovespll) I was on it all day. I would say about 8 hours or so was invested into that account from 2011-2013. Then I took over @PLLobsessedFANS and I would say I spend 1-3 hours a day on it.

6. Do you have anyone who runs the account for you if for some reason you are away?

I used to run two accounts with my two friends who I met through Pretty Little Liars. We were in different time zones so to accommodate the fans from all over the world, we would take shifts running the pages.

7. How many followers do you currently have and do they talk to you/ask you things often?

I currently have 24,581 followers. We talk about theories, we share photos and videos. My favorite thing we started was creating projects for special events. For example, Shay Mitchell’s birthday is April 10th so in February I would create a poster and send it to the fans. On the poster it would have the project and what to make and where to send it. After I collect everyone’s videos, I would make a video collage of all her fans across the world wishing her a Happy Birthday. Another thing I loved to do was start Worldwide Trending topics.

8. Do you prefer to just write updates (keeping it writing/informative based) or post pictures on your account?

I like a little bit of both. Sometimes posting photo after photo can be overwhelming so I use my judgement.

9. Would you say that you have met any friends online through your account?

I’ve met some of my best friends online through Pretty Little Liars. I have friends in different parts of the country.

10. Have any members of Pretty Little Liars ever noticed your account? If so, how did it feel?

I remember the dates 10/27/11 Shay Mitchell replied and liked 2 of the designs I made for her on Facebook. 11/08/11 Shay Mitchell gave “Krystal Salem Designs” a shout out on her Ustream video! Nia Peeples was the first to follow me on Twitter. My design was on Ashley Benson’s website. I just felt like happiest girl in the world! 11/09/2011 – Marlene King tweet’d She LOVES my Tumblr! 11/11/11 I met Lucy Hale 11/12/11 Lucy Hale Tweet’d me 11/12/11 Brendan Robinson tweet’d me 11/14/11 Lucy Hale tweet’d me, again.11/24/11 Shay Mitchell tweet’d me & liked the Fan Video I posted on her Facebook. That actually made me cry my eyes out. They all started to recognize my name and when I started meeting them all in person they knew who I was.

The biggest recognition would probably be my reaction videos that I started. A lot of the episode would literally have me on the edge of my seat or off my seat and I thought it was a cool idea to record myself watching the episodes. 03/28/2012 Keegan Allen RT’d my 2×25 PLL Reaction Video. He then tweet’d me & favorited my video and tweet. Then, Troian Bellisario RT it and tweet’d me. I got great feedback from all the fans, cast and crew I then recorded my reaction for the third season finale. 09/12/2012 Keegan Allen tweet’d my 3×12 Reaction video and told me he adores me. 09/23/2012 Tyler J Blackburn saw my 3×12 reaction video and tweet’d me. I can go on forever.

I’m just so happy we have these websites and devices that allow us to communicate with the cast and crew. It really helped me stand out. It also helped me show them my love and appreciation. Every single time I was noticed, I felt like I was on cloud 9. I would cry, jump and scream with happiness.

11. What has been your favourite episode of Pretty Little Liars?

I have so many favorite episodes but if I had to pick one it would definitely be the pilot. It was the first episode and one of my all time favorites.

12. What is your favourite thing about Pretty Little Liars?

My favorite thing about Pretty Little Liars is this show made me into the person I am today. This show has been a huge part of my life. It’s been a crazy 7 years. I’ve never invested so much in a TV show. I’ve met so many amazing people because of this show. My fan art gave me an opportunity to design the executive producers assistant’s logo/business card. I’ve learned so much about myself. This show first made me start questioning my sexuality, because of Emily Fields’ beautiful coming out story. I fell in love with Pretty Little Liars instantly. I really want to thank Freeform for welcoming such a brilliant character like Emily Fields into my life. The amazing storylines, I grew attached to the characters which are now closer to me than family. The footprints this show left in my heart will last a lifetime.

13. If you could say one thing to a cast member of Pretty Little Liars then what would it be?

I would say thank you to the cast and crew for creating this masterpiece. I have no idea how to say goodbye. Thank you for giving me characters to look up to and become emotionally attached to. And thank you to the cast especially for being such amazing people to admire. You will mean more than you’ll ever know. I will always be apart of the PLL family. Pretty Little Liars will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you to Krystal for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow Krystal @PLLobsessedFANS.

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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