Directioners’ #1DMITAMPromo – Task 1

Directioners everywhere really want to make Made in the A.M., or One Direction’s upcoming fifth album, succeed in the charts. Sure, we haven’t gotten the chance to hear the album yet, but we did hear two of the songs off it -“Drag Me Down” and “Infinity”- and those are pretty fantastic.

Plus, it’s One Direction. When have they ever released bad music?

To encourage Directioners to promote the new album, a Twitter account, @MITAMPromoTeam, is organizing tasks to help get the party going.

The first one was released on October 6th. According to the flier they posted (see down below), the first task is to hang up promotional fliers wherever you can. They give you a flier to use, which can also be found down below, as well as here. Once you put a flier up, you can tweet it using the hashtags #WHEREISMITAM and #1DMITAMPromo. They’ll be retweeting their favorites, as well as giving out something special.

#1DMITAMPromo - The First Task 1

Will you be participating in the first task? If you are, we’d love to see where you hang your fliers! Just tweet us at @CelebMix with the pics.

Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at