DISCOVER: Barei’s “You Number One” Gets A Lyric Video As New Album Becomes Available To Pre-Order

We love uplifting songs, and Barei’s recently released track, “You Number One” is the type of song we’ve been yearning for. The single has been gaining in popularity, with over 10,000 streams on Spotify and 6,000 streams on YouTube. Now, she has dropped a lyric video that totally works with the meaning behind the song.

If you’re wondering where you recognise her name from, she represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the song “Say Yay!”, where she came 22nd gaining 77 points. She went on to release a single to tackle bullying with “I Don’t Need To Be You“, and then followed that up with three singles released week-on-week, last year; these songs were “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry (feat. Porta)“. Recently, she released this awesome single that does remind us of the previous bullying single and a lyric video for it was dropped, which we adore.

The lyric video focuses on people who may be struggling with themselves and their inner demons are putting them down. This is shown in the video and, as it continues, it shows them overcoming their insecurities; relating to the song perfectly as the song is about beating away the bad thoughts. It’s a good relatable lyric video and definitely spreads positivity; however, there are some repeated clips used which lose the interest of the viewers.

Watch Barei’s Lyric Video To “You Number One” Here:

This isn’t the only announcement Barei has made. She has also made her third studio album, also titled “You Number One”, available to pre-order on iTunes. The tracklist is below, we’re surprised to see that only “I Don’t Need To Be You” and “Worry, Worry” appears on the album, making “Wasn’t Me” and “Forget It” non-album singles.

Tracklist for Barei’s “You Number One” album:

  1. I Don’t Need To Be You
  2. Ready Or Not (collab with Matteo)
  3. I’m With You
  4. Gotta Be Today (collab with Heren)
  5. Loosen Up Get Me Higher
  6. You Number One
  7. Not A Drama (collab with Kronno Zomber)
  8. Worry, Worry (collab with Porta)
  9. My Fault
  10. Warning
  11. With The Flow
  12. Bitter Cold
  13. Hide And Seek (collab with Zeen)

Check Out The Cover Artwork For Barei’s “You Number One” Album Below:

What do you make of the lyric video to Barei’s new song “You Number One“? How excited are you for her third studio album of the same name? Tell us on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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