DISCOVER: Frankie’s New Album “STA7GES”

Here at CelebMix, we love listening to new music, and today we want to take the time to share a brand new EP with you which came out in the last couple months from an absolutely incredible artist, Frankie.

Frankie is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, who has frequently been blowing fans and music listeners away with her songs, from “New Obsession” to collabing with huge stars such as Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying to create the catchy and incredible “Ghost”. She released an EP in 2016 called “Dreamstate” which received an amazing reception from fans!

Frankie released her second EP, “STA7GES” back in February. The smooth beat from Lost In Translation, makes you want to blare it full blast in your car. A majority of the songs have an upbeat and catchy tone, such as Wrong Time which also shows off Frankie’s beautiful high register vocals.

The EP shows off Frankie’s sensitive and vulnerable side on Good Enough, with the song giving off high emotion whilst the slower and calmer tone with the piano and violins makes you want to close your eyes and reflect on some of the harder points in life. Frankie’ voice is so beautiful and powerful – her Riffs and Runs, especially in Good Enough, are more than enough to send shivers up your spine and move even the most critical of musicians.

We believe that this EP is going to be a huge hit, with pop lovers, teens, young adults and many more! We thank Frankie for bringing this awesome EP into our lives!

Track list

  1. There’s A Time And A Place For Love
  2. Wrong Time
  3. You Decided*
  4. Boy*
  5. Lost In Translation
  6. Strangers
  7. Good Enough
  8. When I’m Ready

(** Personal Favourites)





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Written by Kay Simpson

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