DISCOVER: Kopo, Alexandra Stan & Drei Ros Team-Up For Incredible Single “Stay”

We have another Alexandra Stan track that you won’t be able to get out of your head, and what a collaboration it is as it sees her team up with Kopo and Drei Ros. It is titled “Stay” and it follows up Kopo’s “Chant” which was released under the name iakopo, Alexandra Stan’s fourth studio album Mami and featured track on 8KO’s “Ocean“, and Drei Ros’ single “On My Own” in collaboration with BrownBoi Maj.

Kopo is going down a whole new route with this track after establishing himself in the reggae world under the name iakopo, although he does not like to be defined by genres. He was born in California before he was adopted and raised by a Samoan family on the South Pacific island of Upolu Samoa, where he lived an island lifestyle in a small village. After graduating he left for Hawaii with no money, prepared to find himself and create a music career, which he did. His travels have shaped his unique sound, and we look forward to seeing him dipping into the dance genre under the name Kopo.

As for Alexandra Stan, she went internationally viral with the song “Mr Saxobeat”, hitting charts all around the world. After a tough few years, which included a court case against her manager and ex-boyfriend, she built her career back up and went on to collaborate with fellow Romanian stars, INNA and Antonia, as well as international stars Daddy Yankee and Mohombi.

Then there’s Drei Ros, who is a Romanian-born, LA-based hip-hop artist who has certainly made his name known in the US. He has worked with the likes of Pusha T, Juicy J, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane. His most-streamed song to date is “Loco” which he is a featured artist along with Kap G on the J Romero song. He’s definitely a name people are remembering and we reckon it won’t be long until he has an international hit.

This song is one we absolutely adore, all three artists impress on this and we can only hope a fired-up music video is released soon because this song sure does deserve one. It’s going to be a treasured hit by the fans of all three artists.

Listen To Kopo, Alexandra Stan & Drei Ros’ Single “Stay” Here:

Bringing tropical waves at the start before launching into some ocean beats, “Stay” is an anthem that has a Caribbean feel to it. Infusing Alexandra Stan’s dance with Kopo’s dance-reggae and Drei Ros’ reggaeton really brings an infusion like no other. As per usual, Alexandra Stan’s voice is pure perfection on the track as she impresses with her intricate emotional vocal range. The harmonies for the chorus mesh perfectly bringing the fire to the track. This is one song that will get you moving without you even realising.

“Stay” is available to stream on Spotify now. It did originally appear on the UK iTunes but it has been taken down, it seems to still be available to download on the US iTunes. We hope the song becomes available globally as the world needs to hear this song. We are also hoping for a music video in the future.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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