Donate to the Crowdfunding Page set up for Louis Tomlinson’s Friend Rocco

In August of 2015 Louis Tomlinson hosted a Cinderella Ball for sick children through the Believe In Magic Charity Foundation.  His sweet gesture did more than just make the children feel magical for an evening – it gave their families some of the most lovely memories to look back on for years to come.  One of the children at Louis’ ball was named Rocco and the memories Louis helped his family make are now even more special to their hearts.

Rocco was born with multiple organ failure and a little over a year ago he was given a multi organ transplant.  He fought a hard battle but unfortunately, this week, Rocco passed away due to rejection from the transplant.

One Direction fans learned of Rocco’s passing and immediately took to twitter to send their condolences and an initiative was found to help Rocco’s family pay for funeral expenses.  This initiative was tweeted by Johannah, Louis’ lovely mum, and has since surpassed it’s goal.  What is next to come for the family that Rocco left behind is undoubtedly going to be hard, and we’re sure that any amount of donation helps to not only fund the hardest time in their lives, but to get them through the weeks and months after.

Louis giving Rocco and his family a day away from reality and allowing them to exist inside of a dream is certainly going to be something that they hold on to forever.  It certainly is something that’s touched our hearts.

If you’d like to donate to Rocco’s family and leave a message for his loved ones in his honor and to support Louis too, please go to the crowdfunding page set up for his family by a close friend.  The One Direction fandom is full of kind spirits and loving hearts – we’re sure his family would love to hear some sweet messages during this difficult time.

Thank you Louis and Johannah for all that you did to bring joy to Rocco and his family, thank you for inspiring us all.



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.