Dorian Electra releases new single ‘Man To Man’

Dorian Electra is back with their latest single ‘Man To Man’, accompanied by another knockout visual. 

Dorian Electra’s third single release this year follows June’s tongue-in-cheek ‘Career Boy’ and July’s frolicking K Rizz-collaboration ‘VIP’. Perhaps best known for their underground pop parties and regular Charli XCX collaborations, such as 2017’s ‘Femmebot’, the pop disruptor is winning fans with their unique take on electropop in 2018. ‘Man To Man’ again boasts Electra’s trademark futuristic pop sound, the single fighting against toxic masculinity.

“Are you man enough to soften up? Are you tough enough to open up?”, Electra challenges in the track’s 80s funk-inspired chorus. “‘Man To Man’ is about redefining masculinity as a progressive force for good. It’s about redefining it to mean being courageous enough to be honest, tender, straightforward, intimate, sensitive, and kind”, they state.

‘Man To Man’ also comes with a gender-bending, Weston Allen co-directed music video. Styled and co-directed by Electra too, they came up with over 25 looks for themselves, dancers and extras. Playing with the outfits’ silhouettes and their connection with gender and sexuality, Electra delivers charismatic choreography as a boxer, American footballer, knight, matador and more.

Citing fashion designer Pierre-Louis Auvray as an inspiration and collaborator, Ironestone as a choreographer and Mood Killer, a long time creative partner, as a design producer, it’s another music video that marks Dorian Electra out as one of the leading pop visionaries today.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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