Dr. DisRespect is Ready to Launch His Own TV Show

The video game streaming industry is already huge and gaining strength every year, as more and more people jump on the bandwagon. Famous streamers make a fortune broadcasting their matches in real-time, while fans of the video games have a lot of fun watching them in action. Classic casinos and gambling operators such as Mcasino are yet to touch this gaming niche, but there are already bookmakers were punters can bet on streamed matches.

The reason people enjoy streaming channels is that the person broadcasting the matches gets the audience fully immersed in this adventure. There are plenty of streamers out there and each of them has a different approach, trying to build an online persona that will appeal to those visiting the channel. Dr. DisRespect is a shining example of how a catchy name, doubled by talent and perseverance can bring together like-minded individuals with a love for gaming.

A career marked by major milestones

Dr. DisRespect’s streaming carrier had humble beginnings, but today he has a huge number of followers on Twitch. Hershey Guy Beahm has millions of followers and his channel is viewed by tens of millions of enthusiastic people curious about what the Doc will do next. His good sense of humor and willingness to tackle sensitive topics in an amusing manner has earned him the success he enjoys today. He’s the proud recipient of important awards such as the Streamer of the Year and Trending Gamer of the Year.

Dr. DisRespect’s charisma is undeniable, but he is also known for his incredible versatility. He made quick transitions from one gaming genre to the other and his forays into Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite made him even more popular. Few of his current fans remember the days when he played and streamed H1Z1: King of the Kill or his first Call of Duty Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 uploads on YouTube. That’s why when he announced that he is on the verge of striking a deal for a narrative scripted TV series, his fans and followers were justly enthusiastic.

What to expect from Dr. DisRespect’s TV Quest?

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding Dr. DisRespect’s venture into an entirely different world of TV series. The fact that there are not many details regarding the show at the time of writing only amplifies the downed about the direction in which this new project might be heading. What we know is that Beahm is working closely with Skybound Entertainment and that there’s a good chance for the series to be an animated one. This could lead to a fully animated series or an eclectic mix of live-action and animation, but what matters the most is that Dr. Disrespect will be at its cornerstone.

Rumors are that the Dr. Disrespect character will be dissected in the new TV show, in order to help people better understand how Beahm became the “doctor”. There is interest in his backstory, but also some of the spicier events of his life. It is well known fact that Beahm had an affair that he admitted when he decided to take a few months off from his Twitch streaming activities. This is a juicy little nugget that some people would like to better understand, but there’s no guarantee this topic will even be discussed.

Beahm is more concerned about consistency and keeping the character authentic, something that the fans are also secretly hoping for. There is the possibility of this agreement with Skybound Entertainment not to come to fruition and this ambitious project to be discarded. Time will tell what happens next, but whether or not Dr. Disrespect TV Show becomes a reality, his fans have a new reason to be excited. 

Written by Monella