Dr. Sam Qurashi Is on a Mission to Change People’s Lives Through His Content

Dr. Sam Qurashi says, “We can’t release what we don’t know exists”. Awareness is the key to emotional healing. It is the first step towards that process, without which all your efforts to heal your wounds are futile. It is almost equivalent to taking medication for the symptoms but not the disease. 

According to mind researcher and influencer, Dr. Sam, the key is to focus on the emotions and not the triggers. Dr. Sam is not just any other self-development coach on Instagram, he has all the right credentials, experience, and social following to be termed as one of the leading mind experts on this particular platform. He is a Doctor of Medicine and practiced as a psychiatric resident in an addiction hospital for 7 years before deciding to walk away. The reason he cites for the discontinuation of his medical career is, “I walked away from my medical career believing that there must be a more effective way to help people”.

He entered the world of social media to spread his message by writing and creating video content for his followers. According to him his content sources inspiration from the numerous unconventional mind experts that he has interviewed and what he has learned personally while working with patients as a psychiatric resident. His content is all original and reflects his own insights and ideas. He defines his purpose as : 

The purpose of my content is to provoke thoughts, challenge beliefs, interrupt patterns, and raise awareness.”


Dr. Sam Qurashi believes that problems are the perfect opportunities to reclaim the control that we have lost. The longer we avoid taking charge of our minds, the longer we remain trapped in them. He intends to create awareness regarding taking charge of emotions and abolishing emotional slavery. Your emotions should not have power over you, and how to make that possible is what he teaches through his content. His unique way of thinking and his simplified explanations are some of the reasons for his immense popularity. He strongly believes in the power of educating and raising awareness to help people learn to emotionally heal; and inspires his followers and readers to make conscious changes in their thought processes, which would enable them to rediscover themselves.

Apart from having a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he also has a Patreon page that provides people with the opportunity for more in-depth content. His detailed tips and strategies to overcome the common mental limitations of today can be easily accessed here through membership: samqurashi.  

Written by Monella