Elle Winter Has Released Awesome New Single “Thought Of Me”

Last Friday saw Elle Winter drop her addicting new single, titled “Thought Of Me”. This song is set to appear on her upcoming debut EP, alongside her other recent releases. This single follows up her incredible previous release, titled “Cave In“.

Elle Winter is a 20-year-old rising singer, songwriter, and actress who is certainly an exciting talent. She’s been working with production duo The Orphanage, recently, on her new tracks and this team-up is proving to be brilliant for Elle Winter. She was born and raised in New York City and was later discovered by Radio Disney which saw her, later, take part in “Next Big Thing” where she released a bunch of singles and she also went on a national tour to build her fanbase. She soon dipped into some acting roles, appearing in The After Party and Three Generations. Now, she’s focusing on her music after being signed, this year, to Sony’s RED MUSIC, and she’s currently gearing up to release her debut EP – which we managed to talk to her about in our exclusive interview.

Her latest single, “Thought Of Me”, has been written by Jordan Omley, Laura Winter (Elle Winter), and Michael Mani, whilst it was produced by Jordan Omley and Michael Mani (known as production duo, The Jam). In line with the rest of her releases, this new song will certainly have its moment on the upcoming EP – which we cannot wait for.

Speaking about the new track in a press release, Elle Winter said: “‘Thought of Me’ speaks to the contradiction of how we present ourselves to the outside world versus who we really are as a person. I know that as an artist and being active on social media I do not always present the ‘true me’ online. Sometimes I find it easier to let people ‘hold on’ to this idea of me instead of opening up and letting someone get to know me. This song addresses that dilemma I face and I hope it resonates with my listeners and helps people realize we all experience the same problems and issues no matter who we are or where we come from.”

Starting off ambient and soft, Elle Winter eases her vocals into the track, with finger-clicks adding to the backing track of the first verse, before it all switches up into an incredible and soulful bridge. The bridge allows Elle Winter to completely shine with a controlled vocal, and then it launches into a soft chorus that we have been singing along to all day, and a subtle drop at the end. This is one strong track that just gets better and better as it launches into the second verse. “Thought Of Me” proves that Elle Winter is someone we all need to watch in the coming years!

Listen To Elle Winter’s New Single “Thought Of Me” Here:

“Thought Of Me” is available to download and stream right now. Her forthcoming debut EP is expected to drop soon. Also, while you’ve got some time on your hands, check out our exclusive interview with Elle Winter.

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