UK Comedian and chat show host James Corden showing his support for the campaign.

Ellen Degeneres starts campaign to get on UK telly

American Comedian, Chat-Show host and voice of everyones favourite bright blue talking fish, Ellen Degeneres, has started a campaign to get her chat show, the multi-Emmy award winning The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to air on UK Television!

Ellen, whose career has seen her host the Emmys, the Oscars and even have a seat on the American Idol judging panel next to Simon Cowell, started the campaign on her show by launching the hashtag #Getellyonthetelly. Ellen was inspired by Tom Bleasby, the singer famous for his now Viral duet with songstress Jessie J on the app Smule and a short stint on the X Factor (Which he recently quit despite making it through to Nick Grimshaws judges houses), when he appeared on the show to recreate his duet with Jessie J live.

Tom said how, like a lot of us, he has resorted to watching Ellen via her youtube channel since it’s not available on any UK channel, inspiring Ellen to start her campaign, which has since seen support from a number of her 49 million twitter followers, as well as British Comedian and fellow talk show host James Corden, who expressed his support through song and dance during his appearance on the show!

The Ellen Degeneres Show has aired in the US for 13 seasons and has won a total of THIRTY EIGHT Emmy Awards. That’s more than two a year…if anything, we’re surprised we haven’t got Elly on the Telly already!

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Written by CelebMix