Elyar Fox Is Back With Brand New Single “Mango” And Drops Candid Video About His Troubles In The Music Industry

Elyar Fox has returned with some incredible new music, and it has certainly been worth the wait, both for him and for his fans. “Mango” is his brand new single and it’s captured us from the moment we heard those first few seconds. It was released days after he dropped a very honest and candid video on YouTube about his troubles in the music industry these past few years.

This singer-songwriter first hit it big on YouTube where he gained millions of views and fans with his covers, this led him to sign with management and a record label where he went on to release the singles “Do It All Over Again” and “A Billion Girls”. Not long after he parted ways with management and the record label and took some time to himself. His parents allowed him to build a studio in their backyard, where he, along with his brother, created “SVFARI” which became an EP that he dropped under the name Elyar – that gained traction and went viral. Continuing under this mononymous name, he dropped “Keep It Easy”, last year. Now, after learning to produce his own music, and after producing for other artists (which we’re sure we’ll hear more of soon), he is ready with his own music, and “Mango” is the first single, with an EP expected to follow.

This brand new single from Elyar has been written by himself, produced by himself, and released by himself. This really proves his capabilities as an artist, especially since the song is high quality and incredible to listen to.

Listen To Elyar Fox’s New Single “Mango” Here:

Surprising us with a strong soulful voice, Elyar completely brings it for “Mango”. His voice is filled with an incredible falsetto that just proves to the whole world why he deserves a spot in the music industry. It’s an addictive track, one we cannot stop listening to.

He takes us on a journey, through his voice and his lyrics. Many people will interpret it in different ways, as the lyrics are suggestive of many different meanings, some could say he’s singing about a lover he’ll never have, whereas others may interpret it into his musical backstory. We just simply enjoy his brilliant voice and could listen to this song on repeat for days.

Watch Elyar Fox Talk About His Troubles In The Music Industry Here:

The release of “Mango” was preceded by this raw and emotional video from Elyar Fox, titled “What Happened to Elyar Fox?” which is a burning question that many fans have asked. We honestly love Elyar for this video, and we plan to continue to support him in his new direction. “Mango” is proof that Elyar is very much on top form lately, and he is in a much better place mentally that we just know he’ll be bringing some epic music to our ears.

“Mango” is available to download and stream right now. His upcoming EP is on its way, and if “Mango” is anything to go by, then this EP will be better than anything else he has released to date.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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