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Emily Middlemas Unveils ‘Broken Record’ Music Video

Following the recent release of new single ‘Broken Record’, singer and song-writer Emily Middlemas has unveiled the phenomenal music video for the single.

The visuals throughout this music video are exceptional and the video truly tells a story, with the lyrics and music video being perfectly in sync. As is reflected in the lyrics, the video portrays looking for happiness in someone else before inner happiness is found, focusing the topic of self-love. As the video progresses, the story-line follows the unfortunate breakdown of a relationship and Emily Middlemas has been commended by fans for the release of such a fantastic music video.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Broken Record’ below:

Taking to her official Twitter account to explain the meaning behind the music video, she explained:

‘I wanted to open up to you guys, which is why this music video means so much to me. Sometimes, we have relationships or friendships that are bad for our mental health. I was 14 years old when I wrote this song and I was constantly looking for love that I didn’t have for myself through someone else. I wanted to get the message across that it’s super important to truly love yourself before getting into a relationship and really put your mental health and happiness first before anybody. You are never alone. Be true to yourself and never let anybody persuade or manipulate you into things you don’t want to do. Be you always. Self-love is so important.’

Emily Middlemas is best known for appearing on ‘The X Factor’ in 2016. During her time in the competition, she was mentored by Simon Cowell and her vocals impressed throughout the competition. Since coming off the show, she has gone on to release several singles, embarked on her headline tour around the UK & Ireland, amid many other achievements.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase ‘Broken Record’ from iTunes by clicking here. The track can also be streamed on Spotify here and is also available to purchase through other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster