Emmi gets ‘Scared Stupid’ about love on new track

British-Australian singer-songwriter Emmi is back with another new track called ‘Scared Stupid’, taken from her forthcoming Lovers playlist.

‘Scared Stupid’ looks at a relationship one year in. Emmi is the happiest she’s ever been in love, yet starts to question if the relationship is too good to be true after all. Letting paranoia kick in, the songstress looks at all the things that could go wrong and wonders “is there anything I need to see in your closet?”

The heartbreaking guitar-led offering is relatable on many levels – we’re certain that a lot of people will have felt the same in relationships in the past. As Emmi sings, “You are too good to be true so I’m taking it as a clue, yeah, I’m crying ’cause I’ve never been so happy with anybody else, so now I’m scared stupid”, we find ourselves hoping that the songstress’ doubts are unfounded.

Listen to ‘Scared Stupid’ below.

‘Scared Stupid’ is the third release from Emmi’s forthcoming Lovers playlist, the first of three in the Lovers. Players. Dreamers collection. The Lovers playlist includes the previously released ‘Moments’ and ‘Label On It’, all of which play a vital role in Emmi’s story of a relationship from its clumsy start to the bitter end.

Written in LA, London and Hamburg, each song represents a time period within the relationship, which you can see below. Speaking about the character at the centre of each song, Emmi admits that it’s her “in every relationship I’ve ever been in: awkward and looking for someone to save her” until she finds the strength and confidence to say “enough”.

Lovers Tracklist:

  1. ‘Moments’ – (The Beginning)
  2. ‘Label On It’ – (3 Months)
  3. ‘Scared Stupid’ – (1 Year)
  4. ‘The Way We Used To’ – (2 Years)
  5. ‘Won’t Do Love That Way’ – (3 Years)
  6. ‘Stay Awake’ – (The End)

The Lovers era is tied together with visuals of Emmi donning a bright red superhero cape. Speaking about the significance of the cape, the songstress said: “It was only once the album was finished that I actually sat and listened back to my own lyrics and realised how much I put myself down with my words. How I’ve spent my life looking outside of myself for a saviour. The cape was a reminder that we are all stronger and more brilliant than we know.”

‘Scared Stupid’ and the rest of the Lovers playlist follows on from a string of independent releases which have drawn support from the likes of Taylor Swift and J.K. Rowling. Emmi’s track ‘Sleep On It’ was highlighted on Taylor’s handwritten playlist of ‘New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome’, whilst she also sings ‘Blind Pig’ which appears on the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them soundtrack.

We can’t wait for the next chapter of Emmi’s Lovers story, and according to her Twitter we don’t have too long to wait. Track number four, ‘The Way We Used To’, drops on November 2, whilst the complete playlist will be available to listen to in its entirety by November 30.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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