EP Review: Leah McFall Has Released Debut EP “Ink”

She was the runner-up on the second season of The Voice UK; now, Leah McFall has released her debut EP, titled “Ink”. The six-track EP was released today, 27 March 2017, which consists of previous singles “Wolf Den” and “Happy Human“.

The EP has been teased by Leah McFall for some time now. Recently, she released a promotional video for instant grat single “Bottle It“, in a collaboration with director Masahiro Karube. The video featured three incredible dancers; Elina Mizuno, Ebi Minami, and Manna Yoshida.

Released independently, Leah McFall’s debut EP is a total must-listen. It’s a sound like you’ve never heard before, and one you won’t be able to stop listening to.

Kicking off the EP is title track “Ink”. This song is the perfect way to introduce Leah McFall and this EP. This song is who she is, it’s the direction she took for this EP and showcases her beautiful voice from the get-go.

It is followed by the awesome single “Happy Human“. The title suggests a cute simple song, but it’s actually technically brilliant, fuelled with a catchy beat and chant-filled lyrics that will have you singing along in no time.

Bottle It” is a stand-out track on the EP. It’s more experimental than her other tracks, although they all could be considered experimental. This song progressively becomes something bigger than the start of the song. Full of beats with a tap-worthy rhythm, Leah McFall completely proves why she should be a superstar; her vocals are off the radar with this track. This is one song we can’t wait to see her perform live.

The next two tracks “Colours at a Funeral” and “Language” are two tracks that follow on from one another perfectly. The former is subtle but impactful; it’s honest, emotional, and real. It’s a strong ballad of a song, that has a lot of soul going on. The latter is more relaxed, with a tranquil intro that progresses into a slightly more upbeat soulful chorus. Once again, it’s emotionally-fuelled, with Leah McFall fully embracing the sound, adding vocal transitions that completely makes her voice stand out.

Ending the EP is “Wolf Den”, which was her first independently released single. It’s much more upbeat, with Leah McFall proving her vocal ability. Flooded with emotion and soul, it’s clear this song means a lot to her and she fully brings it when it comes to this song.

The only disappointing thing about this EP is that it’s an EP. Six tracks of Leah McFall’s gorgeous voice is just not enough for us, we need a full-length album, but maybe we’ll get one in the future.

As for the EP itself, it easily showcases what Leah McFall is about. Her sound is unique, and her voice is something the music industry needs; she has a talent like no other. Her future is clearly bright, with the intention to turn her dreams into a reality. She may not have won The Voice UK, but who cares about that? Other stars, from the show, have proven that you don’t have to win to succeed. If you want something hard enough, you will achieve the success you deserve; right now, Leah McFall is an inspiration to us all, proving just that.

The EP is currently charting high on the UK iTunes Chart. For an independent artist to chart so high just shows how amazing Leah McFall is. She will be starting on a UK tour in April, kicking off 6 April 2017 in Belfast, and finishing up on 17 April 2017 in Bristol. The Manchester and Birmingham shows are now sold out; with the London show quickly following suit with limited tickets now available. Do not miss your chance to see Leah McFall live!

What do you make of Leah McFall’s “Ink” EP? What is your favourite track? Which one can you not wait to hear live? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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