EP REVIEW: VISTA – ‘Long Live’

Anthem-rock band VISTA are back with their sophomore EP, Long Live. The duo, made up of Hope Vista and Greg Almeida, have been working hard in order to strengthen and perfect their sound. It’s safe to say that their efforts have paid off, as Long Live is a seven-track EP which offers their listeners an ‘oasis’ among a dystopian society. The EP is released tomorrow (July 21) but here’s what you can expect.

VISTA kick off Long Live with the previously released ‘Allegiance’. The euphoric anthem is the perfect introduction to the EP and sets the tone for the rest of the tracks. Hope’s vocals are haunting whilst Greg’s roaring guitar playing is goosebump-inducing. There’s no doubt that the track is one of our favourites from the EP. Are we ready to pledge ‘Allegiance’ to VISTA? Heck yes.

‘Inside Anxious’ is a deeply personal song which deals with Hope’s Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The track has 140 BPM, which emulates Hope’s heart rate when she’s having an anxiety attack. The purpose of the song is to educate those who don’t understand the physical pressure of anxiety as well as help those who suffer to know that they’re not alone. ‘Inside Anxious’ has a driving beat and poignant lyrics which truly hit home the effect of an anxiety attack. We love how daring the band have been with creating the song, and it will certainly resonate with anyone who suffers from anxiety.

‘Hellbent’ can only be described as savage. The song is angry and rapid, with the lyrics flowing from Hope with passion. Greg also sings during the driving chorus, which adds another dimension to the song. The instrumental is powerful throughout which strengthens the anthemic vibe of the song.

‘Dominance 2.0’ is a reworking of Hope’s 2015 solo track. The addition of Greg and heavier guitars give the song a new lease of life and truly captures the essence of the band. It leads perfectly into ‘Long Live’, which showcases an altogether heavier sound. The song has a similar vibe to ‘Allegiance’, and the chorus is incredibly stirring.

As the EP reaches its penultimate song, ‘Part III’ is a complete spanner in the works. Stripping things back to the core, the song is a gentle acoustic offering which strays away from the anthem-rock sound we’re used to from VISTA. ‘Part III’ is short but sweet, but showcases the duo’s diversity as a band.

‘Henchmen’ rounds off the EP in a perfect manner. Anthem-rock at its finest, Hope and Greg share the vocal on the dual chorus which is incredibly effective. This duo certainly knows how to pack a punch and make sure they leave a lasting impression during the final song.

Long Live is a carefully crafted EP which shows a great deal of growth in VISTA’s sound. Hope and Greg are the perfect dream-team, and their passion for music is evident throughout. The EP has a strong concept, with ‘Hellbent’, ‘Allegiance’ and ‘Dominance 2.0’ standing out as our favourite tracks. VISTA have a bright future ahead of them and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Make sure you download and stream Long Live when it’s released tomorrow (July 21).

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Written by Katrina Rees

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