Eric Nam releases his album and the music videos for “Potion” and “Honestly”

The pre-requisite condition of a good song is its ability to stick in the listener’s head for a long time. If we go by this premise, then, Eric Nam’s new album is going to stay with his fans for months to come.

Since last few weeks, the singer had been teasing images and songs on social media which made fans anticipate the release of the album. The anticipation was soon materialized into reality when Nam announced the release of “Honestly” via Twitter on April 11, 2018.

Nam is already popular amongst people as a cheerful personality and an amazing host from After School Club.

But apart from being MC, Nam is also a singer who needs to be primarily recognised for his art. With singles like “Idea of You” and collaborations like “Cave Me In”, Eric Nam has already showcased his talent and proven his mettle as a vocalist and a pop star.

His new mini album seems to guarantee his ascension as a musician and deservedly so.

Potion and Honestly

On 9th April, fans got the first taste of the album when Nam released his first single “Potion”. The pop song features Woodie Godchild whose rap blends beautifully with the narrative of the track.

Nam followed “Potion” with the release of the second single off the album. Titled “Honestly”, the song talks about character’s reluctance in accepting that he doesn’t love his beloved anymore. Both songs carry urgency and contrast well with Nam’s soothing and sultry vocals. One gets Mendes’ vibes from the songs which makes them even more attractive.

Instead of using grave tone to deal with theme of love, the singer has adopted a lighter tone which makes it easier for listener to consume the content.

Portrayal of Mexican Culture

A lot of Mexican listeners have taken on the comment section of YouTube and appreciated the way in which Mexican culture has been presented in the music videos.

Firstly, the team behind the video production has made sure to only cast Mexican characters. Secondly, not a single character has been typecast or stereotyped. Instead, be it the dancer or musicians, each person has a role in the video and each character has been given a proper space.

So, Nam is being appreciated not just as a musician but also as a socially conscious individual.

“Honestly” as a whole is a sonically beautiful album and if you are trying to discover new songs to refurbish your playlist, then, Nam’s tracks are definitely worth exploring.

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