A still from Eric Saade's music video for "Glas" with Eric Saade wearing a black bomber jacket over a cream jumper and light blue jeans standing on gravel amongst grey pillars.

Eric Saade Nails Choreography In Music Video For Recent Single “Glas”

A new Eric Saade music video is here and we are so happy to see him knocking out some choreography for his recently released song “Glas” (which is Swedish for the English word “Glass”). This is his first release of 2020 and follows up his collaboration with Anis Don Demina, titled “Postcard”.

Eric Saade is a household name in Sweden but is mostly internationally known for representing his home country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “Popular”. He’s gone on to collaborate with many great stars and has released a bunch of addicting singles. In 2017 he took part in the Swedish TV show Så mycket bättre and in 2019 he hosted Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection show for Eurovision, alongside Sarah Dawn Finer, Marika Carlsson, and Kodjo Akolor. His latest releases have all been Swedish-language songs with “Så jävla fel” being his first back in 2018, could he be planning on turning this Swedish-language era into a new album? We haven’t had a studio album from him since 2013’s Forgive Me, and we’d totally welcome a full Swedish album from him.

This new song, “Glas”, has been written by Emelie Eriksson, Eric Saade, and Mattias Andréasson, whilst it was produced by Sebastian Atas. Vocals on point throughout, Eric Saade has continued to impress us with his Swedish-language songs, fuelling every one of them with emotion, passion, and heart.

Watch Eric Saade’s Music Video For “Glas” Here:

Powerful throughout, the song itself is structurally strong, bringing an emotional upbeat backing track which has us feeling like it should be included in an emotional Disney film scene. The song is about a break up that happened a while ago but it still hurts and Eric Saade is wondering if the other person avoids the place where the break-up took place and still misses the relationship, just like he does. As for the accompanying music video, Eric Saade nails the choreography, interpreting the song into a brilliant beat movement number. He has four backing dancers and, collaboratively, they work together to convey the song to the viewers. Eric Saade focuses solely on the dancing aspect of the video, and so he does not sing the song during the performance.

“Glas” is available to download and stream right now, via Giant Records which is a division of Warner Music Sweden.

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