Evil: In The Time of Heroes AKA To Kako: Stin Epohi Ton Iroon

To Kako was a high class, pretty good (while on a low-budget) zombie film.  With characters that I grew to like and great gore effects. This is instantly a very good sequel to the original.  The film starts off from the last frame from which the previous film left off, and even gives us some new characters to enjoy watching along with Ancient Greeks.  The way this film begins right where the previous one ends is great so there aren’t a lot of holes for the viewer to try to fill in on our own!

There is easily more gore in this film than the original but it is done nicely. I could say that this is a much better film than the first, and it appears that like had more money and better effects than the first. As with the first film, there is beautiful cinematography of deserted Greece. Also, for foreign audiences there is a well known face in Billy Zane’s. He plays a mysterious character really well, dispatching zombies so easily it’s almost like he’s bored of it. He certainly adds a nice touch to what is already a genuinely good film.

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Written by CelebMix