EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ashley J Talks New Single “Unbreakable”

It’s been just over two weeks since Ashley J dropped her awesome new track “Unbreakable“. She then followed it up with a self-directed music video. Now, she’s taken some time out to answer our questions for an interview.

Ashley J is certainly a rising star, with her music reaching plenty of listeners and fans all around the world. This new single follows up her previous release “Trapped” which managed to reach number two on the European Independent Music Charts.

Unbreakable” is a fan favourite that was recorded in London. We loved the song instantly; and, we can’t wait to see what Ashley J releases next. The song is available to download and stream right now.

We were lucky enough to grab an interview with Ashley J. She discusses “Unbreakable“, self-directing the music video, and what she hopes the future will bring.

Hi Ashley, how are you doing today? What have you been up to recently?

I feel wonderful! I’ve been enjoying the feedback on “Unbreakable” and I’ve been inspired watching its growth!

Can you tell us more about the song?

“Unbreakable” takes me back to a time where I had just grown into myself. I grew a vein of confidence that I still have today and it gets stronger and stronger. Becoming your own best friend was something I needed to do, and when I finally did, I became “Unbreakable”.

What does the song mean to you?

Loving yourself and accepting the situations around you for just that: situations that will pass.

Where did the inspiration for “Unbreakable” come from?

A failed relationship and other pressing situations I was going through at the time.

It was produced in London, how did that come about? And what was it like?

It. Was. AMAZING! I had an absolute blast. I was already in London working on some other songs, and this writing session was super last minute. It came together so seamlessly; I had the absolute greatest time.

What has the reaction to the song been like so far?

Incredible. People have spoken so highly of it and have been really impressed with the video. I feel more confident in my sound every day.

Can you tell us more about the music video?

This video was self-directed. Which was a make or break situation. So much got in the way of actually filming it I was worried it wouldn’t come out right. My vision was to make it more of a “home video” where it’s personal and deep. I wanted it to tell the story of how I began writing the song, and a noticeable difference from start to finish just by movement.

What was it like to direct the music video?

Incredibly challenging—but I would definitely do it again.

What was the best thing about creating the music video yourself?

I got to use my own vision and my own artistic freedom.

Do you think you’ll direct more of your own music videos in the future?

I plan on it!

What can we expect from you next?

My EP releases in early 2018 and I am PUMPED! YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

What inspires you musically?

Conversations, experiences. Real life events that take place.

What five songs are you currently obsessed with right now?

1. Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

2. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

3. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

4. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft

5. Sam Hunt – Body Like A Back Road

Have you got a message for your fans and supporters?

Be yourself. Show people who you are and what you want to represent. And if you don’t have it figured out, don’t worry. No one else does.

Inspiring words, that’s for sure! Thank you, Ashley J, for taking the time out to answer our questions. We are loving “Unbreakable” at the moment, and we’re so excited for your debut EP! We have no doubts that it’ll be incredible.

If you haven’t listened to “Unbreakable” yet, we highly suggest you download or stream the track right now. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

What do you make of our interview with Ashley J? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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