Exclusive: Interview with Ekkah

Ekkah, a girl pop twosome, are so much more then a bi-line. Rebecca and Rebekah are a glittery disco-retro sound that can pan across the original disco generation to pop lovers today. The madonna-esque twosome sat down with at British Summer Time to talk about inspirations, David Bowie, and who they are as artists.


Are you guys excited to be playing today?

Rebecca: Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. It’s such a cool festival that we’ve done like 3 times now. So yea the third time today. and every year we look forward to this one.

Rebekah: Yeah, I’m so excited. and it’s not raining out but yea British summer time

Don’t curse it!

Rebecca: British rain time.(Laughs)

Tell us about your new single “Space Between Us”

Rebekah: We wrote it in LA with DaM FunK, who has been a big like legend of ours. I’ve listened to him a lot before we got together, so it was a really special moment for us to be totally working with him. And it also was like a really sad day that we wrote that song, it was the day we find out Bowie had passed away.

Rebecca: Yeah, it was a pretty bad because we woke up late. Everyone else in England had heard the news before so yeah it was..we were really sad. We listened to loads of his tracks while we were getting ready and we were having a little cry then we were like ‘right let’s do this.’

That was actually our next question: you stated you wrote about Bowie, what was it about him that inspired you the most?

Rebekah: He really was super individual like he would walk down the road wearing and looking exactly what he liked and he really and truly didn’t care what people thought. And that came through in his character the way he dressed and, also like his music is so much diversity in all his songs and he just was like doing what he wanted to do and what he believed in and that’s the most inspiring thing to all artists. I feel like even if you don’t like the way he looked or the music that he sang he was doing what he wanted to do and thats a hard thing to do.

Rebecca: I think everyone respected him, respected like the way he changed music in the face of masculinity and femininity together.

Any more influences?

Rebecca: Madonna is pretty up there

Rebekah: Just like lots of them. With so many, like we were saying before so many like disco party bands that we’ve liked a big influence for the way we are on stage is The Renettes and the Pointer Sisters. Those kind of sisters, kind of all same dance moves we really look to those for like the way we are on stage. And for like when it comes to writing music Whispers, George Benson, Talking Heads, all the old timers (Laughs)

Rebecca: We went to Glasontbury two weeks ago, we played and we saw Earth, Wind, and Fire and they all looked like super hero’s on stage. They had like they stances and were dancing like ‘omg we have to up our game’ it was so cool.

So how would you describe your sound?

Rebekah: I think we’d say it’s like a dance floor kind of feel to it. We started to write music like Ekkah when we were…we’ve been playing music together for 11 years now, writing and playing music together, and when we kind of changed our music it was when we were old enough to like start going clubbing to parties. We were like woah this music is incredible. We hadn’t really heard music like this before until we were in the clubs. So we were kind of like we want to write music that makes people want to get up get together and be together.

Plans for the future?

Rebecca: We got an album we’re gonna put out in the new year. We’ve been writing continuously for like two years for this and we just got it-getting it together now. So that’s really exciting and that’s not that long It’s quite scary but like really exciting so we the first time to do this together. the rest are festivals, obviously today and like Tramline and we’re playing with Jodie Abacus, who is a new up and coming artist. We’re doing a tour with him and also our headline tour at some point in November somewhere.


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.