Exclusive Interview | Meduza Chats About New Single, “Lose Control”

Italian production trio, Meduza, is capturing the attention of music lovers worldwide, with their deep rhythmic chord patterns and melodic house tunes.

Consisting of Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale and Simone Giani, Meduza recently dropped their brand new single, Lose Control, with UK pop sensation, Becky Hill.


The threesome are responsible for one of the biggest dance records of summer 2019, Piece of Your Heart – which was a collaboration with fellow production trio, Goodboys.

Riding high on the success of their debut breakthrough record, Piece of Your Heart smashed over 351 million Spotify streams.

The track also jumped straight to number two in the Official UK Singles Chart, went to A-List on BBC Radio 1 and then playlisted on Capital FM.


We got the chance to chat to Meduza about working with Becky Hill, how the trio formed, and to tell all you fans that a new remix is confirmed for release before the end of 2019!

Hey Meduza! Tell us all about the new track, Lose Control.

We wanted to keep the same mood and same signature of the Meduza style for the follow up, but with a step more with something little bit more radio friendly – but in a house way, trying not to end in a classic pop dance track.

Becky Hill has featured on some of the biggest tracks at the minute. What was it like to work with her? 

It was easy! She’s massive and I’m a big fan of her voice. Luckily, we’re working for the same label and we had the chance to jump on a studio session with her. We showed her a chorus idea we made with Goodboys, and she was immediately into the mood, writing verses and pre-chorus; we closed the track in just one day!

So Meduza is a trio. How did you guys meet and form the group? 

Simone and Luca started off by working together on some projects close to 10 year ago, and then we all met a few years later. We’ve been working on a few things together throughout the last few years, and finally, we were in the studio working on tracks like Piece of Your Heart, so we decided to form Meduza.  

Do you each have a particular role in the group? 

Simone is really talented on the keys and production, Luca is the strength behind production, and I am the DJ and also help with direction of production.

Your debut track, Piece of Your Heart, blew up. Do you ever have an incline that a track will be successful? 

We just make the music that we love and feel we would enjoy listening to. We don’t make music with the focus of being successful, only of making quality music.  

You’re currently in the middle of a tour. What is it like to see fans’ reactions to your music live?

It’s magical! The world is really big and we can really see the power of the music. We’ve also been in smaller places for some shows, and when you’re on the other side of the world watching the entire crowd singing your track, it’s something that you cannot explain with words. We feel blessed to have this opportunity.

If you could pick three artists or producers to work with right now, who would you choose? 

There are so many talented artists across all genres that I would love to work with. Right now, I think working with Chris Lake, Eric Prydz, and Maceo Plex would be really cool as each brings a different and unique vibe to music.

Have you guys ever considered working with a different genre of music? Say for instance, collaborating with grime MC Stormzy. 

Of course; all the time. I would love to work on a track with The Weeknd as a feature.

Finally, aside from Lose Control, can fans expect any more tracks in the near future? 

We are working on music all the time – release dates TBA. But you can let the fans know that another remix will be out before the end of this year!

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