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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ON1Y Chats About Their Debut Single “Airplane Mode”

Just over two weeks ago, a brand new Swedish act dropped their debut single titled “Airplane Mode“. ON1Y surprised people around the world with their influential sound and lyrics which is getting the much-needed attention it clearly deserves.

Little did anyone expect the traction this track would get, but we certainly called it in our article of the song. It’s a great track that packs a punch and certainly makes every listener think about the words.

A music video was also dropped to accompany the track. It correlates well with the song and has a slight narrative throughout. We can’t wait to see what ON1Y has in store for the rest of the year.

We were lucky enough to grab a chat with them. They answered our questions quickly and effortlessly, talking about their song “Airplane Mode“, the music video, and what the future might bring.

Hey ON1Y, how are you doing today? What have you been up to recently?

Hello, we are doing great, we’ve been working in the studio but also been enjoying this beautiful Swedish summer.

Before we start talking about your debut single, we need to know how do we pronounce ON1Y?

It’s pronounced ”only”.

You dropped your debut single “Airplane Mode” this week, can you tell us more about the track?

This track was made a year ago! We were working in the studio with Sebastian Mikael (who is also a writer) and we were discussing everyday-life and how obsessed we are with our smartphones. 2 hours later Airplane Mode was made.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from? Is there a story behind it?

The song aims to get people to think about spending less time on their phones and actually be switched on to have conversations and good times with people around them.

What does the track mean to you?

It has a message that almost all of us can relate to. It feels good to make a catchy song with a good message behind it.

What has the reaction been like?


How does it feel to know that it’s hit over 300,000 streams on Spotify?

Incredible, we did not expect that. We’re very happy.

Do you have any specific favourite lyrics from the song?

The hook is definitely our favorite part.

An official music video was also dropped for the song, what are your thoughts on it?

We love the video, Patrik Vincent did an amazing job.

We feel that it does give a good visual representation of the song, but we do feel sorry for the guy who doesn’t get his car back. What’s your favourite scene from the music video?

Our favorite scene is definitely when Eric gets his car stolen!

“Airplane Mode” was your debut single, what can we expect to come next from ON1Y?

More music, we are constantly working in the studio so expect more music from ON1Y.

What do you hope to achieve with your music? And what would you like the future to bring you?

We want to touch people in an honest way with our music, create art that has a positive impact.

And, finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Thank you for listening to and sharing our music. More music one the way!

Thank you ON1Y for taking the time out to speak to us about your music. We are looking forward to your upcoming releases.

Make sure you listen to their music, ON1Y’s debut track “Airplane Mode” is available to download and stream right now via Cosmos Music.

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