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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with boyband Roman Road

Roman Road are a four-piece boyband who are destined for big things. Made up of Cliff Lynch, Aaron Richard, David Anthony and Adam Parker, they were recently named as one of Vodafone’s Future Breakers, live on Capital FM. After being recognised by one of the UK’s biggest radio stations, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you too should be listening out for this hot new band!

Later this month, the guys will be releasing their awesome new single, ‘Let Me Try’. With its catchy electro-pop beat and unique blend of vocals, we’re certain that you’re going to be just as obsessed with the song as we are!

We recently had the chance to quiz Roman Road on their single, how it feels to be a Future Breaker, their unique cover choices, and so much more. Check it out below!

First off, please introduce yourselves individually with an unusual fact about yourself!

David – Hi I’m David and I’m originally from Burnley.  Unusual fact, I started my first day at school with a broken arm.

Aaron – Let’s just say David, can’t ride bikes. Hi I’m Aaron from East Ham, and a funny fact I was actually a professional cheerleader before I joined the band.

Cliff –  (Imitating Aaron doing cheer) Hi I’m Cliff from South London,  and I have an extremely high tolerance to spicy food.

Aaron –  Like he’s not even joking, the curries he has are insane!

Cliff – The hotter the better, I should set up my own brand, Cliff’s Curries.

Adam – Hi I’m Adam from Watford and I can actually speak fluent Spanish.

Roman Road was first formed in early 2016. How did the idea of forming a band come about?

Aaron – Me and Cliff went to the same school and it was something we spoke about A LOT.

Cliff – When you see really good bands back in the day like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys doing their thing, you think, Wow I want to be doing that!

David – I met Cliff and Aaron at a party, we were messing around singing songs as you do, and something just clicked and we thought we have something here.

Adam – We all just love music, I came back from Menorca to join the band. 10 points to me!

Cliff – Shame Arsenal can’t get them points at the minute Adz.

Aaron – Ooooh harsh Cliff.

Is music something you’ve always wanted to do career-wise?

David – I actually wanted to be an actor when I was younger, but music has always been a part of my life.

Cliff – Music has been a massive part of my life since I was young. I’ve always performed and sung since I was a kid and dreamt of playing the big arenas.

Adam – I learnt the guitar when I was 8, so this was something I definitely wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Aaron – We’ve all been in college bands in the past, and I think when Roman Road came together for the first time, we knew we had something special.

Cliff – Music is so universal we want to be a part of that.

You’re named after the street you first rehearsed on…did you have any other names floating around or did you instantly love Roman Road?

Cliff – We had some shockers which we won’t name here!

David – We were originally called JACCS for about a whole week…

Aaron – Imagine if we went with something like DAACs…

Adam – I like DACCs, it’s catchy and has meaning.

David – I don’t get it.

Aaron – It’s our initials Dave…

David – (Laughing) Roman Road for us just stuck and it felt strong.

Cliff – We also call our fans Roadies too, so it’s pretty awesome they can share it with us.

Back in the summer, you got to perform in front of over 20,000 people on the main stage at London Pride. What was that experience like for you?

Aaron – It was such a surreal moment for us, every musician dreams of big crowds, and it was just crazy looking out and seeing a sea of people.

David – The crowd were fantastic, I remember us coming off stage and just looking at each other like WOW.

Aaron – It’s definitely something we could get use to.

2017 looks set to be an incredible year for you, as you’ve just been announced as one of Vodafone’s Future Breakers – congratulations! Has the news sunk in yet?

Cliff – We are still on a high about it. Being announced on one of the biggest radio stations in the world, that you grew up listening to, and then hearing your name and your song live on air, it’s just crazy.

Adam – Being noticed by a big brand for doing what you love and want to do for the rest of your life is the best feeling.

Aaron – Our friends and families are just as excited as we are. We are very grateful for the recognition.

Cliff – Also may I just add Kat Shoob is HOT!

David – Watch out Kat!

DJ and former JLS member Marvin Humes announced the news on Capital FM. As a former boyband member himself, has he given you any words of advice?

Cliff – Marvin is a legend. He’s such a cool and down to earth guy. He’s someone we definitely look up to, he’s accomplished so much in his career.

David – When someone like Marvin Humes mentions you on Capital and wishes you all the best, and tells you to just keep doing what we are doing, it doesn’t get much better than that.

You’ll be releasing a new single called ‘Let Me Try’ later this month. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind track?

David – Initially we just wanted a really fun, catchy song that everyone would sing along to.

Adam – It’s a song that talks about relationships not always working out the way you expected, something we can all relate to.

Aaron – The song is very current to today’s sound, and our fans have been asking for an original for a while, so we were itching to release it.

Do you have a favourite lyric from ‘Let Me Try’?

Adam – I really like the lyric, “If only I’d given you my time instead of just time for doubts” it’s a really strong line and that line/ melody flows great with the track.

David – My favourite is “now I’m lost for words, is there someone new” – there’s been a time in everyone’s life where we have all worried about the person we want, wanting something more or someone else.

Cliff – I have more a favourite part than lyric, mines “OH”

(All laugh)

Aaron – Inside joke during recording!

David – Now I’m having flashbacks, arghhh!

We’ve trawled through your YouTube and we’re impressed with your diverse range of covers, from Little Mix to The Proclaimers. How do you go about choosing songs to cover?

David – We like to try and think outside the box and sometimes go for songs or artists that a boyband wouldn’t usually go for and then put a twist on it and make it our own.

Aaron – YouTube is so big today, so standing out from the rest and doing something different in our own kinda way is something we love to do.

There’s definitely a gap in the market for a new boyband, and we think you’ve got a bit of a different edge about you! What do you think makes you unique as a band?

Cliff – I think visually we all have a very unique and edgy presentation. We like to keep our individual styles but in a band unified way.

Adam – We don’t look like your typical boyband and that’s what works. We aren’t trying to follow a formula, we are just being ourselves and I think that’s what people like about us.

David – Sound wise we each have very distinctive voices, which give our songs a variety in tones and styles and blended it just the perfect creation.

What can we expect from Roman Road during the rest of 2017?

Aaron – Catch us at the O2!!!

David – Now that would be amazing!

Adam – We have an EP coming out sometime in the summer.

David – We will also be guest judges for this year’s Pride’s Got Talent, which will be fun.

Cliff – Lots more gigs, more songs, music videos and there’s a few cheeky surprises in store so stay tuned!

Thank you to the awesome Roman Road for their time! Make sure to keep an eye out for what they do next. We’ve got a feeling that they’re going to be the next big thing!

‘Let Me Try’ will be available to download and stream on February 17.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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