EXCLUSIVE: Interview With S.O.S Music

We have exclusively caught up with Dubai based group S.O.S Music to chat a little about their new release ‘The Abu Dabbin Remix’ and their future plans.

What was it that made you want to relocate to Dubai

Well, technically we all came here for further studies and with our families. Later down the line, we all aspired to chase a career in the music industry and one thing lead to another. We feel we are making music that is fun now, but soon we will start using our awareness to start spreading some serious messages that are needed in today’s society.  

What made you want to collaborate with Ayo Beatz for the remix?
At first it was just having mutual creative interests and admiration for each other’s talents having heard each other playing on Dubai Radio. then later on, we just wanted more out of the quality of music we were getting and realised together we can go further and achieve more.  

What has the response to your new single been like?

The response and reception has definitely been inspiring and motivating! People have really hopped on the wave and are paying attention, taking our sound more seriously and enjoying it. We can’t wait to showcase some of our new bangers.

What is the music scene like over there in Dubai? 

[the] Music scene in Dubai is really growing and heading towards the right direction. It’s still developing as far as structure with things like platforms and opportunities for musical artists. But as time goes by, it grows and at a fast pace. It’s just hard because the Dubai underground music industry is illegal in theory lol. Like you can’t just have your own set up and performances without a lot of licenses. I would deffo say all the Red Tape is slowing it down, but we are on the way and we want to play a part in bridging that gap between the UAE and international artists.  

What are you guys hoping to achieve in the next ten years?

Our ambitions and dreams are definitely great. Who is to say what we will achieve and won’t. It’s all in God’s plans and we just hope in the next 10 years, we are successful in making sure our music is heard by many and have more opportunities to make music for another 10 years after that. Again it would be great to help give motivation and guidance to our people back home and show them that anything is possible and to chase their dreams… I just can’t wait until we can make a real difference. But for now, even if we send one young kid home with a message, it’s a job well done.  

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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