Exclusive Interview with Downton Abbey Star Laura Carmichael

Recently Celebmix was lucky enough to have a bit of a chat with the stars of Downton Abbey  about the final series.

First up we have Laura Carmichael who plays Lady Edith Crawley.

What is Edith up to at the beginning of the series?

At the end of the last series,she was living in torture as she didn’t have her daughter Marigold with her.

Now at the beginning of this series she’s with Marigold at Downton and is happy that both her parents know that Marigold is really her daughter.

She has also inherited the newspaper so is focusing a lot of time on running that. She is faced with the decision of staying at Downton,safe and secure with Marigold or move to London and focus fully on the paper and when the series starts she’s wondering if she’s quite ready for it.

Where does Edith see herself in five years time?

I think it’s true that a lot of women couldn’t go back to living a meaningless life on the social scene after the war. They needed to do something and be active -and certainly Edith has achieved a lot in that regard over the years. She wants to achieve something with the paper and her life in London,but then there is Marigold that’s part of her life which isn’t going to disappear. She’s sort of a working mother and has to find a balance and a compromise,which is an incredibly relevant and modern dilemma.

How would you like to see Edith’s story end?

I was hoping she would be able to find a way to keep being a writer, and obviously I want her to be in a happy relationship. She deserves a happy ending after all she’s been through.

What has Downton meant to you?

It’s something I feel so much love for and something that I will talk about for the rest of my life. It’ s completely changed my perspective and given me some incredible experiences. I feel like I have learnt from some of the best actors in the country. It’s been a dream.


The final series of Downton Abbey begins  tonight on ITV1 at 9pm.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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