Exclusive Premiere: Jordan Siwek releases a thought-provoking music video for “Lover and a Giver”

When negativity pervades people’s lives, affecting their very existence, disillusionment dawns upon us and all we are left with is a “hope” to escape the misery. Jordan Siwek tries to balance this hopelessness with the light not yet been lost in his poetic and thought-provoking single “Lover and a Giver”. Today, CelebMix premieres the music video for the single.

A single from his debut album Sun Inside You, “Lover and a Giver” shows Siwek’s potential as an artist. He might be an emerging singer-songwriter but a glimpse into his work will be enough to show his caliber.

The music video seems to be a “demonstration” of the lesson Siwek is trying to deliver through his song. The characters in the music video are the microcosms of the worlds they symbolize. The plot of the video is a musical Bandersnatch with options that help decide the fate of the protagonists. As we choose the sides, we too become the recipients of the actions we subconsciously want the characters to take.

Presenting lyrics that balance structure and emotions, Siwek’s words hit listeners hard. With an attempt to create a contrast between things we waste our energies on and the things that really need our attention, he cleverly transitions and heavily weighs to the latter showcasing benefits once we resort to “love”.

“AndI know that love’s there waiting

And I know that hope’s not fading”

“Lover and a Giver” draws inspiration from artist John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, and Marvin Gaye. It is a response to what’s going on in the world with a strong message to focus on the beautiful things, on spreading love and hope, and to unite us in a time of division.

The theme of the album “Sun Inside You” is the balance of darkness and light despite hardships, and finding unity in the midst of division. Finding love and losing love and finding a greater love. The album was by produced by Godfrey Diamond, who worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Steven Tyler to Frank Sinatra and mastered by Alan Silverman, who mastered numerous Grammy Award-winning albums. Legendary guitarist Oz Noy and Robbie Seahag Mangano both played on the album.

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Written by Ayushi

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