Exclusive: Sophia Lucia talks “A Nutcracker Christmas”

Sophia Lucia has made a name for herself on “Dance Moms”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and “Dancing with the Stars”. Not to even mention she holds a Guinness World Records. Now she’s the star of Hallmark Channel’s upcoming Christmas movie “A Nutcracker Christmas” and we had to talk all about it.

Tell us all about “A Nutcracker Christmas”.

“”A Nutcracker Christmas” is a brand New Hallmark Channel Movie. Directed by Michael Lembeck and produced by Michael Larkin. The movie is about an inspiring ballerina named “Lilly” played by Amy Acker, who dreams of dancing the role of Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker someday. Lilly falls in love with her dance partner, “Mark” played by Sascha Radentky. Her wish finally comes true, but just before she is about to go on for her debut as Sugar Plum Fairy her sister and niece “Sadie” played by me, get into a really bad car accident. The only one who survives is “Sadie”. A Nutcracker Christmas will definitely get you in the Holiday Spirit! You May want to keep a box of kleenex around, this one could make you tear up a bit! Lots of fun holiday laughs, as well.”

Exclusive: Sophia Lucia talks "A Nutcracker Christmas" 2

Did you have to do any training for the role?
“Yes, I did do some training for this role. Of course, I am always in ballet class working hard and striving to be my personal best. I worked alongside Michael Lembeck who personally met with me to work on my lines. He is just amazing! I am forever grateful to Mr Lem. Also, while filming I kept up my ballet training at local ballet schools in Toronto.”

You’ve also appeared in several other scripted television series. Should we expect more acting in your future?
“I do hope to do many more Films and Television work. I have found a new love and passion for acting. It is so fun being able to portray my character and make her come to life!”

Exclusive: Sophia Lucia talks "A Nutcracker Christmas" 3

What’s the best and worse part of dancing and acting?
“The best part of acting is it gives me the ability to become someone else in the moment. The worst part…staying away from the junk food at craft service…hahah. The best part about dance is the feeling I get every time I take the stage… I always say “you are as good as your last performance” so go out there and Kill IT!!! The worst part about dance is how ugly my poor dancing feet have become!!!! HAHAH Also, the fact that I am a human, I make mistakes, but when I do, its normally in front of a lot people.”

You hold a Guinness World Records for the most consecutive pirouettes at 55! Wowza! Do you plan on breaking it or earning another?
“Yes, breaking The Guinness World Record was such a HUGE accomplishment!!! I would love to try to break a new record for Consecutive Pirouettes in Pointe Shoes. I think that would be so cool.”


How do you balance your personal life and school with such a busy schedule?
“I balance my personal life and school as best as I can. I train a lot in ballet. Now, I am doing a lot of auditions in LA. But I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I do a pretty good job of getting to see my friends. I have triplet friends that I have known since we were 2. We get to hang out a lot when I am in San Diego. We like to go the local HS football games. This year, I even got asked to Homecoming, that was so exciting since I might not have ever gone since I am homeschooled. I truly love to do my school work. I am a straight A student. I use Keystone Homeschool program which is a fantastic credited program. I would love to attend USC or Juilliard for college someday.”

You have over one MILLION followers on Instagram. Any tips to give us?
“I LOVE all of my fans and followers on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who follows my journey as a ballerina and actress. Best advice for Instagram is to keep it as real as possible. People love to see and know what you are up to.”

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What else can we expect in future?
“In the future you can expect to hopefully see me in more films and television shows. I am going to dance as long as possible while I pursue my acting career.”

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