Mikey Wax Releases Music Video for “Big Little Life”

Mikey Wax Releases Music Video for “Big Little Life”

Mikey Wax is an artist from New York City that you might not know by name yet, but you might know by ear! His music has been featured on shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real World, Dance Moms, and other television programs. We know, crazy right!?

But that’s not all. His songs have also be featured on worldwide ad campaigns for Nike Swim, United Airlines, and Hollister Clothing. And no, we’re still not done. His single, “You Lift Me Up”, even scored promos for NBA and NCAA basketball games!

With songs placed in multiple television shows and ads, we’re surprised we didn’t know his name earlier. But clearly, his 1+ million social media followers weren’t late to the party.

Written for his wife, Mikey Wax is back at it again with his newest single, “Big Little Life.”

With lyrics like, “I don’t mind if all we have is one twin sized mattress on the floor / No I wont ask for more / I don’t care if there’s not a lot of room to spare / Feels like we have it all / Inside these four walls,” and “We started out with nothing / But it never felt like nothing / Let’s take it all in stride / All we need is each other / All we need is each other / I’m alright with all the clutter / All we need is each other,” this song is all about how love is all he’ll ever need.

When the video for “Big Little Life” starts, Mikey is all alone in an empty house. But that house eventually gets filled with furniture, and soon, his lover along with a wedding cake. In the end though, it doesn’t matter about the objects in the house. Because it’s the love that truly matters.

Check out his video for “Big Little Life” below:

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