Exclusive Video Premiere: Ryan Rebo - "Boogieman"
Photo by Kelly Garrett Rathbone, Album Cover Art by Ryan Rebo

Exclusive Video Premiere: Ryan Rebo – “Boogieman”

Ryan Rebo was born in Seattle, and raised in Montana. But it was in Montana where he first discovered his passion for music. After previously performing under the name Man At War, Ryan is now ready to take back his own name. And if you ask us, he’s doing that wonderfully.

Ryan’s latest track, “Boogieman”, came out today and for a very unique reason. It’s Friday the 13th! The title of the song and day cleverly go together, don’t you think?

Produced by Graham Barton and directed by Dead Dinosaur Productions, the music video for “Boogieman” opens up with Ryan washing his face. But something strange happens. There’s a shadow of a man behind him. Or at least that’s what we think…

He then goes to work, and there’s a masked man talking to everyone, but he’s directly looking at Ryan. When he goes to a party, the masked man is still there along with others, similar to the first one that he saw. Except the masks get creepier and creepier. Leaving the party to walk home, the masked man returns once again along with the others, almost as if they are all mocking Ryan.

With these masked people at every corner, Ryan’s paranoia and discomfort grow more and more. Playing with themes of escapism and mental illness, the video feels like a short horror film. And like most horror films, we’re all cheering for the good guy (Ryan) to make it out in one piece.

The point of this video is to show the visual representation of what it means to suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. Powerfully shown in the video, Ryan’s symptoms are shown when he is surrounded by people he cares about, where these symptoms are ruining the celebration for him.

With lyrics like, Tell me, where have you been? / I was up all night again / Worried that the Boogieman had gotten you,” and “You’ve been going out at night / Trying to find yourself a fight / Must be from the war that’s going on inside of you / Believe me, I can understand / There’s a war inside of every man,” you’re hearing a little bit about what it feels like to suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. Those symptoms are Ryan’s Boogieman.

By the end of the video, Ryan looks in the mirror and realizes that he was running from himself the whole time, as he looks up being with a mask on as well.

You can find Ryan’s latest album, 7 Songs in the Key of Z , set to release in early 2019.

Check out the exclusive video premiere of “Boogieman” below:

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