EXCLUSIVE: Ward Thomas Discuss New Single ‘Painted Legacy’

At the beginning of this month, twin sister duo Ward Thomas released their beautiful, poignant new single ‘Painted Legacy’. The emotive track sees the British record-makers returning to their original pure country roots and tells the story of their uncle’s life and the legacy he has left behind since passing away.

Here we chat exclusively to Ward Thomas to discuss the track further and find out a little more about their forthcoming EP ‘The Space Between’:

Your new single ‘Painted Legacy’ is out now, how are you finding the response so far?

We’re so excited by the response! We’ve been sitting on this song for a while and it’s great to finally have it out in the world.

The track is a very personal one to you and your family, what made you want to share this story at this time?

We wrote this song last summer personally about the passing of our uncle, but it’s also about loss in general. We feel people are going through a difficult and scary time at the moment so felt it would be a good time to bring it out.

You have gone back to your sonic roots on this release, was that a conscious decision or did it happen organically?

It was both. We tend to try and let the song speak for itself when it comes to production and with this release, the song is all about its lyrics, story, harmonies, and vocals, so we wanted to make it as simple as possible.

Did you find this a difficult song to pen or was it an easy flow for you?

It was a very difficult song to write emotionally but the lyrics and melody came easily.

Can we expect further honesty like this one in the other tracks featured on the upcoming EP?

You can. This EP is all about togetherness and holding space for each other. So Painted Legacy fits and starts the theme of the EP overall.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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