Executive Coaching Expert Dr. Taryn Stejskal’s Role in Developing Top Leaders in Companies like Cigna and Nike

As the resilience coach for many top leaders at Fortune 500 companies as well as several famous start-up companies, Dr. Taryn Stejskal is considered to be a secret weapon of sorts. She focuses on creating truth and making safe spaces that promote resilient leadership and employee productivity. Stejskal is a master at working with companies so they can analyze their current productivity and boost their brand by focusing on resilient management, which is beneficial to both managers and employees. 

Dr. Stejskal has a proven track record of education and experience, which explains why she’s become so influential and helped so many companies achieve success through resilient leadership. After receiving her doctorate before she turned thirty, Dr. Stejskal initially focused her research on neuropsychology and neuroscience, doing what she could to make this information more available to companies worldwide. Stejskal saw the opportunity to help leaders in organizational settings learn more about resilient leadership so that they could help guide their employees to achieve success. 

Companies like Cigna and Nike have approached Stejskal in the past, because of her reputation as the foremost thought leader and global authority on resilience. She was recognized as a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach around the world. Additionally, Stejskal has also led worldwide leadership and development organizations for Fortune 500 companies, including Cigna and Nike, helping them to develop the best leaders in the world. 

According to Stejskal, practicing resilience in leadership helps to enhance mental health, productivity, and success in the workplace. Stejskal feels that resilience is the missing piece in many entrepreneurs’ development. However, entrepreneurs can still learn to develop resilience in leadership by obtaining practice and education. To Stejskal, resilience helps people address the challenge, change, and complexity and promotes positive growth. 

The true mark of a leader is not about how that leader performs when times are excellent. Instead, leaders are measured by how they show their emotional strength and professionalism when times are challenging. Leaders cannot display resilience unless they have gone through tough times themselves, according to Stejskal. And, the more challenging the challenge is for the leader, the easier it is for them to develop resilience.

Written by CelebMix