Why Fans Love: Joey Devries

Joey Devries is a solo singer-songwriter – best known for his appearance in boy band Overload Generation that competed on The X Factor in 2014 and for supporting Little Mix on the second leg of their ‘Get Weird’ UK and Ireland tour as a solo artist.

We spoke with some of Joey’s fans to find out why they love him.

Tia, 16 – East Yorkshire

I’ve supported Joey Devries for years now. As a fan, I am honestly so proud of how far he has come with music. Joey is honestly the most down to earth, loveliest person I have ever met. I do also love other singers, but Joey is different – in a good way of course. Not only does he have a beautiful voice, he interacts with his fans so much and tries his best to reply to as many of us as he can and I can honestly say that means a lot. He always tells us how much he appreciates us and how he wouldn’t be where he is now without us. As much as we’ve helped him, he’s also helped so many of us through hard times. For example, the last few years haven’t been the best few years for me and I don’t know where I would be without Joey and his music. If ever I am feeling down, I always listen to his music, and it never fails to put a smile on my face, even through my hardest times the last few years. I have been waiting years to meet Joey and it recently happened. I can safely say it was the best day! I cannot thank Joey enough for what him and his music has helped me through and that’s why I love him.


Many people know that Joey is from Wales and started his career by uploading a cover on to YouTube and later joined a band called Overload Generation. Even though the band disbanded, Joey still continued with his own career. Despite Joey having a very busy life, he still reaches out to help his fans. Joey has helped me through a lot, speaking from personal experience. He taught me to never give up on what I love and to believe in myself. One thing that Joey said to me before which helped me a lot is: ‘You will find the strength – I know you will. Proud of you.’ I love Joey because you can be so open with him and he will try to help you as much as he can, without judging you.

Olivia, 15 – Manchester

Joey cares so much for his fans and would do absolutely anything to make us happy. I’ve met so many friends from him and I literally can’t thank him enough for that. He is always there for me and always manages to put a smile on my face, and that’s why I love him so much.

Carolanne, 19 – Sheffield

I love Joey because he is always so supportive and lovely. He is awesome to his fans and he’s always there when we need him!

Tia, 17 – Northern Ireland

I love Joey because no matter what he always makes time for his fans and always tries his best to make us happy. He is an insanely talented lad who deserves so much more recognition.

Sasha, 16 – Sheffield

I love Joey because he really does care about his fans. I’ve known him for a few years now since he only had a few followers and every time I’ve ever spoke to him he has made me feel so happy and has helped a lot of his fans through hard times. Most artists only care about fame and money, but Joey is not like this at all! He makes sure that all of his gigs/signings are mainly about his fans and tries to do it the cheapest he can. He is just overall one of the nicest people you’ll meet and is always welcoming!


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Written by Rachel Dempster