Why Fans Love: Michael Sutthakorn

Michael Sutthakorn is a singer-songwriter, who, before embarking on a solo career, appeared in several bands. He regularly releases covers on to his YouTube channel. Check out his most recent cover ‘Shape Of You’ below and by following him on Twitter here to stay up-to-date with him.

We spoke with some of Michael’s fans to find out why they love him.

Morgan, 16 – England

I love Michael because he is so honest and helpful. A lot of people hide their thoughts or won’t address the rubbish things in life but Michael is just so honest and open about it all – one reason why I love him so much. He also gives great advice which has stuck with me for so long, which I am so grateful for. Another thing I love is his voice. It is so pure and mesmerising to listen to. My favourite covers of his are ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ but I have been supporting him for quite a while so I love his earlier covers too. Michael has progressed so much and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I want to thank him for everything and he needs to keep doing what he’s doing!

Samantha, 16 – Northern Ireland 

I am so grateful for Michael because he has helped me through some really tough times. I’ve supported him for years and years. He never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Anna, 15 – Cheltenham

I discovered Michael when he joined a band with other members Jordi Whitworth and Joey Devries (Adrenalin Trip). I thought that he was amazing and couldn’t wait to see how the band would grow. I was upset when the band broke up, but I’ve been following him on his solo journey ever since and I’m so proud of him. I discovered that he had been in another band called M.A.D. and I became obsessed with their songs. I love him because he has such a good voice. I also love how he cares for dogs so much – it’s so cute! He also gives great advice to teenagers like me who need it. Lots of teenage girls have nobody to turn to and his advice is always so helpful and inspiring. He always makes me smile and overall, he is a brilliant person.


I love Michael because he is so caring. No matter how busy he is, he always does his best to cheer up his fans. Michael is such an inspiration to everyone – he has taught fans to never give up on what they love and to follow their dreams. Michael’s career originally started by uploading a cover on Facebook and later joined a band called M.A.D. Unfortunately, the band fell apart after a year but Michael still carried on with a solo career which has got him to where is today. To this day, Michael still communicates with fans and tries to help them when they are going through a rough time.

Stephanie, 14 – Northern Ireland

I love Michael because he is such a good singer and is very talented. He is a very caring person, who really cares and connects with his fans. I love his song ‘Trouble’ and my favourite cover of his is ‘Mercy.’ He is brilliant live and I can’t wait to see him again soon.

Alison, 17 – Aylesbury

There are many reasons as to why I love Michael, but I couldn’t begin to list them all! Michael is a gentle soul, he is beautiful and kind. He makes me smile everyday with his smile, his Snapchats, anything really. He makes me want to be a better version of myself everday and it never goes for granted. Michael is an all round amazing person, with a beautiful accent. He loves all his fans with all his heart. What is there not to love about Michael? I just want to thank him for being real, sweet and so much more!

Emma, 16 – Liverpool 

Michael has been there for me since 2013 and anytime need someone to talk to he’s there. He knows that he can always come to me if he needs someone to talk to, just like I know he’s there for me. His personality is the best I have ever met. He is such an incredible human, he’s lovely in real life and over the Internet. Everything about him is perfect – his voice, his face, his personality, his humour, just him. He’s stuck by me through thick and thin and he’s the only one who can make me smile when I’m feeling down. He has helped me through a lot, I have to admit it. I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today without him. He’s taught me to be strong and how to stay strong through the tough time. The truth is that I wouldn’t be here without him, he’s practically saved my life! I wouldn’t change him for the world, I am so proud of him, how far he’s come not only as a singer but as a young man. I will never be as proud of anyone as I am with Michael. I will continue to support him no matter what. He is so precious and special to me and I love him unconditionally. He will always be my little legs and my favourite human in the whole world. No one will ever be able to take his place in my life, I would do absolutely anything to see him smile. It breaks me when he’s upset or down because I know what it’s like and I just wish I could go to him and give him the biggest hug ever. I can’t wait until I’m reunited with him so I can have a hug from my favourite. I love Michael and he knows I will forever!

Chloe, 18 – England 

I love Michael Sutthakorn becuase he is so genuinely lovely and he cares so much about each and every fan so much. He is so down to earth and when you go to a concert and see him live, he honestly puts so much effort in with every fan and spends time with them. He treats every single person the same in his fanbase and he loves everyone so much who supports him and I love him so much!

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Written by Rachel Dempster