Why Fans Love Frank Iero

With My Chemical Romance, Frank released several albums including, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade, Danger Days, and Conventional Weapons. The band had been together for over a decade before splitting in 2013, with greatest hits album May Death Never Stop You releasing a year later in 2014, and a reissue of The Black Parade titled Living With Ghosts in 2016.

Post-MCR, Frank continued making music under the moniker frnkiro andthe cellebration (later changed to Frank Iero and The Patience). He released his debut studio album Stomachaches in 2014, with accompanying music videos for “Weighted,” “She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party,” and “Joyriding.” He later released a second album titled Parachutes in 2016. Last summer, he also released an album with James Dewees called Nothing Above, Nothing below, under the name Death Spells.

CelebMix spoke to some Frank Iero fans from around the world to find out why they love him so much, and this is what they had to say…

Caz Hill | 58 | UK @Caz_Hill_ “Personally he’s my hero because of his compassion, kindness & honesty ?.”

Dedrei | 30 | South Africa @GWayMCRFansSA “I love Frank Iero because he stays true to himself. I can relate to his music and he has inspired me to be who I am and not feel worthless, I can carry on. I love his music and its something different, from Stomachaches to Parachutes I admire all his music. Thank you Frank Iero.”

Bennett | 14 | North Carolina @gerardswrongway “I love Frank Iero his stage performances. I’ve only been a fan for a few months, but that’s just enough to make me fall in love with his music style, and himself. The rush he gives his crowds is so amazing and he’s such a talented man. I love his tattoos, His tattoos and piercings give him that fierce “punk” look, despite how kind and sweet he is. And the way he makes time to reply to fans on twitter is adorable. Also, how good of a dad he is to his children, I love it! He’s such an inspiration to me and I just wanna be just like him, you know? I’d do anything to meet him.”

Hendrike | 14 | Germany @kniiivesandpens “Frank Iero has been through a lot but he never gave up, and it’s amazing how he expresses that through his songs. He never let the music industry control him, he does it because he loves what he does, that’s why he got that Skorpion tattoo – to make sure he would never end up in a “normal” job. His ability to express his emotions with songs is incredible, you can see that when you listen to the song he wrote about his grandfather (9-6-15). He’s my #1 idol and role model and I’m so excited to see him live in February!”

Michele | 20 | NJ @xoMichele2xo “I discovered MCR in 2013 (so late, I know) and I instantly fell in love with their music, but then I listened to each of their albums, including Frank’s Stomachaches album and I just knew that I needed to see him perform live. I love his lyrics and the emotion that he puts into each of his songs. I had the pleasure of seeing him live four times and meeting him three times. He always makes conversation with each of the crowds, and he is honestly so sweet and kind. He always tries to meet fans after his concerts. When you meet him, he takes the time to really pay attention to what you say, because he is just so thankful for his fans. Every time I see him in concert, I feel so happy.”

Sasha Salcido | 25 | Santa Maria, California @SashaSalcido “I love Frank Iero because he’s not afraid to speak his mind and is so inspiring and always encouraging us (fans) to follow our dreams no matter what people say or think. And his music is very deep I know a lot of people can connect and relate to him. It means so much to me because I discovered him/his music when I really needed saving and that’s exactly what his music did.”

 Kayla | 13 | Connecticut @gerardandchill “I love Frank Iero because I feel like he’s truly inspired me in many ways. I can relate to him, and he’s a kind, good-hearted person. he’s definitely one of my favorite musical artists of all time.”

Mari | The Netherlands @smkrrings “Frank is a huge inspiration to me. His lyrics is amazing, super deep and has an awesome personality. He really inspired me to create things :)”

Taylor | 15 | Norwich, England @mariosmongeau “I love Frank Iero because he is so passionate about what he loves, he cares about so many people and his music is so touching, some of the words in his songs just make my heart so warm, he is honestly the sweetest person you would ever meet.”

Bianka | 17 | Chicago @CANCEROUSGUT “I love Frank Iero because of how passionate he is about playing music and how much emotion he puts in each show he plays. Apart from music i love him because of who he is as a person. He has this love for dogs that’s so well known throughout the fan base and that in itself speaks for itself. Last reason why I’m going to say why I love him is because he speaks up when he knows something is wrong and doesn’t stay quiet. He’s so humble and always tries to meet everyone after shows. I went to his show in Chicago about a year ago and he had run out of merch. So he had stayed up all night making shirt designs with a marker and didn’t get much sleep. And yet when he was on stage he was so energetic and then met stayed after to meet fans.”

Holly Allen | 16 | UK @hollyleaallen “I love Frank purely because of the passion he puts into the music. When he’s on stage, it’s difficult to see where Frank starts and the guitar ends. The energy he provides through his music is indescribable. I love how much he responds to fans too, it makes him seem more like a real person than a lot of other celebs. In general, I just find Frank inspirational and genuine ?

Vittoria | 14 | Italy @youremysaviours “I’ve always thought nobody was going to understand what I’ve felt for years. And then Frank came with stomachaches.”

Federica | 15 | Italy @sutampo “What he does is just so important, so meaningful to me that I’m not even sure how to put it all in words. I’ve always felt like I had to thank Frank for the art he gifted us all with. I love what he does, and I’ll never stop looking up to him. I aspire to be just as skilled as he is with words, to own this language as he does and be able to give a shape to the swirling mess I find myself lost into, when I spend too much time in my own mind. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read his lyrics and thought “this sounds so much like something that I would say”, not to mention all the times I’ve felt almost envious for he was so adroit to put such complex emotions into words and transformate those words in rhymes and poetry, wishing that I had written all those verses because they felt so irritatingly familiar. Because they reminded me of how desperate I was for someone to understand, and how ashamed I was, of feeling this need. I felt somehow understood, but at the same time so alone because I knew I would never be able to let him know just how much I needed his art in my life. I knew I’d never be able to tell him, and above all I knew it was just impossible that he knew exactly what I was going through: for every brain on this Earth there is a unique mix of emotions and feelings that cannot be duplicated. And this acknowledgement made me realize that I needed to stand up and express my own message, my thoughts, like he did. He is an inspirer, the one who was able to motivate me to make something out of the nothingness that surrounded me. My life would now be a black, empty void had I never come across Frank’s creations. That’s just how much I owe him, how much he means to me. I guess Frank was my personal “pusher”. He pushed me to do many things I didn’t know I wanted to and needed to create. And he is an escape when I find myself wanting to shut the world off, when I just want to forget about my existence for a while and float upstream in a magical universe, a different world where I can be the architect and the creator, a whole other planet only his guitar can lead me to.”

We love you Frank! Thanks for being so rad. xx

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Written by Michele Mendez

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