Fashion Icon Viktoria Kay Shares Her Main Inspiration 

We all have certain people in life whose journey and way of living makes us feel good and provides inspiration. Viktoria Kay as well has motivated many people through her content; but this time she talks about a few people who have inspired her.

On her YouTube channel, where she shares a lot of videos pertaining to various topics, Viktoria has opened up about what inspires her and shares who offers her inspiration for different areas in her life. Viktoria has placed each of these influential people in separate categories. 

From an entrepreneurial aspect, Viktoria Kay considers Gary Vee as the ultimate inspiration that pushes her to chase after her goals and make things happen. On the other hand, from a mode/influencer perspective, Viktoria Kay suggests, “a few girls like Rosa Acosta, Jena Frumes and Lauren Wood are truly inspirational. They too started from zero and are doing amazing today. I find their journey relatable and inspiring.” Many people often forget that even the biggest influencers have people they look up to as well. 

Viktoria Kay also looks up to inspirational speakers such as Teal Swan, Abraham Hicks, and Billy Carson for spiritual guidance. Regularly, Viktoria listens to videos of them on YouTube to keep herself motivated and full of life.  

Speaking of Abraham Hicks, Viktoria has mentioned to her audience that she attended Esther’s workshop. She says, “I felt so vibrant and spirited after being a part of that experience.” In sharing these inspirations of her life, Viktoria Kay has given us new sources of motivation from which can be implemented in our lives as well. 

Making her way through the ups and downs of life, Viktoria Kay has become a truly admirable woman. From her eye-catching fashion taste to her motivational fitness videos, she has worked with some big brands such as Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing. Viktoria inspires and motivates her followers daily, and will only continue to grow and attract more success. 

Written by Monella