FATi Releases Music Video for “QUEEN”

Western African music mixed with modern pop music along with a positive message? We’re ALL FOR IT, and that’s what FATi did with her latest song, “QUEEN.” When creating this song, FATi absorbed and synthesized all of the traditions of Liberia and Abidjan (the local heritage, the colonial influences, the fascination with American pop)  and made her own unique sound.

With lyrics like, “All my African girls / Make your move, change the world,” and “Queens stand up, don’t give up,” FATi is a QUEEN who is standing up for what she believes in. The song entreats women to recognize their self-worth, and is also a statement of African pride and international feminist solidarity.



Wafeeq (director and producer) made sure that the music video for “QUEEN” clearly represented everything that the song stood for. Watching the video, you’ll see FATi in an African dress and slaying the room as she raps her truth. Her dancers even dance in clothes that suggest a powerful tribal heritage, but many of the moves that they do will be familiar to fans of hip-hop videos.

So not only did “QUEEN” perfectly express Western African music mixed with modern pop music when listening to it, the music video perfectly expressed it visually too.

Watch FATi’s music video for “QUEEN” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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