REVIEW: Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 Tour – Copenhagen, Denmark

On Saturday, October 22, Fifth Harmony stopped by Copenhagen, Denmark for the first time ever as a part of their 7/27 Tour. In a half-filled venue, the show contained a few bumps on the road, however, the attendees still left the show with a joyful heart.

From the moment they hit the stage, you could sense that something was off with the five girls from Fifth Harmony. Opening with their energetic track ‘That’s My Girl’, they got the crowd throwing their fists in the air, but the women on stage were not feeling it 100 %. For reasons unknown, Ally Brooke Hernandez was emotional from the beginning and the 23-year-old were in tears during the first four or five songs of the night. However, the tears didn’t stop her from bringing her top-notch vocals and all we wanted to do was go up on stage and give her a giant hug.

Hernandez’s bandmate Lauren Jauregui was also off during Saturday Night’s show. The singer looked drained and overworked throughout the night. This may be a normality when you’ve been touring non-stop and we’re definitely hoping that these girls will take a vacation to recharge after the tour is over.

One of the evening’s highlights was ‘Brave, Honest, Beautiful’ during the F.U.N segment of the show. The five girls showed off their gorgeous vocals in the acoustic version of the song. Songs such as ‘BO$$’ and ‘Worth It’ gave Fifth Harmony the opportunity to show off their dance moves. Although the choreography was excellent, the five girls, unfortunately, weren’t in synch and danced with different energy levels. The one we couldn’t keep our eyes from during the dance parts was Normani Kordei. She poured her soul into the moves and she made the difficulty of singing and dancing at the same time seem effortless.

During a speech to the crowd, Dinah-Jane Hansen expressed how excited she was to be in Denmark; a country her family originates and has their last name from. It was evident that Hansen was comfortable on stage and she made sure to tell the fans how much they appreciate them.

The encore was their major hit ‘Work From Home’ which made the fans go crazy. During this number, it was impossible to tell that the venue was only half-filled as the energy was off the charts. Camila Cabello once again impressed with her vocals during this and for the first time during the concert, the girls worked together as a group instead of five amazing individuals.

Fifth Harmony’s love for their fans is one thing you cannot take away from them. Even though they weren’t cohesive during the show, they displayed their love for the crowd multiple times. They thanked the fans for choosing them, “you didn’t have to but you did and we’re so grateful,” they said.

Although the night didn’t go as smoothly as it could have, Fifth Harmony delivered a fun-filled show that started a party among the crowd. Being a fan of an artist, the most important thing about leaving a concert is feeling that you’ve had the best time of your life; and it’s certain that these Harmonizers had just that.

Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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