Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Suffers Another Scary Fan Encounter

Being famous sounds great at first, right? Getting to travel the world, meeting new people every day, having everybody know your name, being styled to perfection… The list goes on. But there is also a very negative side to fame, and poor Ally Brooke has experienced this first-hand after two scary fan encounters happened within days of each other.

The singer and her four bandmates who make up the group Fifth Harmony arrived in Mexico a few days ago, ahead of their shows in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. They were in an airport when the first attack happened. A fan ran up to Ally as she was passing by and in grabbing her, he managed to pull her petite frame to the ground.

This video was posted online shortly after the incident, and you can clearly see the craziness which surrounded the group:

Later that day, Ally posted a message to her fans on Instagram assuring them that she was okay but also warning them that they needed to be a bit more careful. We are sure a lot of other artists would agree with her warning too!

Then just a couple of days later, Ally suffered yet another scary encounter with an over-excited fan and this time it was in front of thousands of people. While she and the rest of Fifth Harmony were performing on stage in Monterrey, a male fan slipped past security and ran onto the stage. He tried to embrace the singer and once again she was dragged to the ground. A member of the girls’ hired security team swiftly removed the fan from the stage as Ally jumped to her feet and continued her performance.

Another video was posted online of the incident after the show had finished:

While both of these encounters were scary for Ally and her bandmates, we know that not all fans are the same. Most of you are super nice and supportive of the girls and it showed when the self-named Harmonizers recently won the Last Fan Standing competition sponsored by The Box Plus Network. We think the title was well deserved!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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