Film Review: Evil AKA To Kako

To Kako (or Evil as it is known in the English tongue) is the first of it’s kind as far as Greek zombie films go. If you like George A Romero’s Walking Dead, then you will surely enjoy this slice of gore. I wasn’t expecting this much of it though, so be advised! It’s still a really nice film overall, with scenes where the surviving characters interact with each other while trying to survive. It isn’t that scary if you’e watched a lot of zombie films and TV shows before it, but if you haven’t it will scare you just enough. Even for those of you who have watched your fair share of zombie or gory flicks – there are some neat shocks in this particular film which make it worthwhile.

There are quite a lot of Greek films emerging now, that have won awards or gone overseas from Greece to become mainstream in other countries. This is definitely one of them. If you watch this, be sure to check out the sequel which stars Billy Zane – Evil: In the Time of Heroes AKA To Kako: Stin Epohi Ton Iroon.

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Written by CelebMix